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    6 Facebook Threats To Love & Happiness

    Facebook is where shaky relationships go to die, and there are at least six good reasons for that. Here are a few sad but true relationship memes inspired by the #BlackSocialNetwork.

    6. The Sexy Liar

    Some men will hide their relationship status just to get it. Just because he says he's single, doesn't mean he really is.

    5. The Nosy Lover or Coworker

    If you're flirting on Facebook at work or at the home you share with your lover or spouse, you are inviting trouble. Prying eyes (coworkers, current lover, etc.) will know what you've been up to. And yes, they are reading over your shoulder and checking your browser history.

    4. The Relationship Status Curse

    Posting your "in a relationship with..." status may give you a sense of security about your relationship, but it can also work against you. Some Facebook users note an uptick of flirtatious offers in their in-box after they've taken themselves off the market.

    3. The Angry Ex

    It's super easy to call out a snake on Facebook, but ultimately it will work against you. Avoid becoming a spectacle, never fight with your ex or your soon-to-be-ex on Facebook. The world is watching your heartbreak.

    2. The Side-Chick

    Do we really need to spell out the dangers of adding your woman-on-the-side to your circle of friends? She has pictures of the two of you, and she's not above posting them. (Especially when she's angry.)

    1. The Thirsty New 'Friend'

    The thirsty 'friend' that you've never actually met (yet) will like every post and this may cause hell in your real world. But if you happen to like your thirsty friend, you will make a seamless transition into his/her arms.

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