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    5 Clues That It's Time To Fire Your Publicist

    Great publicists are good at what they do, that is to convince the world to believe what their clients are selling. But a bad publicist is good at making you believe she is a good publicist, and you won't know what you've got until it's too late. In the #BlackSocialNetwork play, Eva James (portrayed by WGCI's Demi Lobo) is the worst publicist you'll ever know. Here are five reasons why.

    Your publicist doesn't have a strategy for your brand.

    You want a comprehensive public relations strategy, but the bad publicist will throw you a launch party. You ask for media exposure, she'll throw you a launch party. Oh, and your guests will be her friends and other clients.

    Your publicist doesn't listen to your concerns.

    A bad publicist will tell you what you want, and generally it's what he/she feels like doing for you.

    Your publicist makes you feel bad.

    A bad publicist will threaten you with doom and gloom if you were to separate from her firm. On the flip side, a bad publicist would inflate your ego, telling you that because of her firm, you are destined to rule the world. A GOOD publicist will keep it real with you and help you to understand the bigger picture: Growing and maintaining your strong, sustainable public image.

    Your publicist doesn't support you on social media.

    If your publicist doesn't help you to build your social media presence--or doesn't even 'like' your page, it may be time to keep it moving.

    Your publicist is MIA until her payday.

    The strongest indicator that you have a bad publicist is that you never hear from her until your retainer is due.

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