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The Best of Robotic Bartenders

Have you stopped lately to think about the robotic bartenders that make our daily lives so much easier? Let's take this moment to pay tribute to the very best automated drink-slingers before they inevitably turn on humanity and enslave us all!

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  • 1. Steampunk Professor X Wheelchair

    Back in the days of yore when everything was made out of wood, gears, and belt buckles, the invalids of the day had to dispense Vodka and Cranberry from the tubes attached to this chair. It was before the Robuts of Tomorrow were invented, when prehistoric man was forced to create bizarre contraptions to aid in the drinking process. (via:

  • 2. Chassis the Beer Pouring Robot

    Chassis is a remote controlled/potentially autonomous beer delivering machine outfitted with a special pressurized keg primed for wine or homemade beer made in your bathtub! (via:

  • 3. Mr. Asahi

    Mr. Asahi, besides an empty, cold steel grin, possesses the ability to open and pour bottles in less than two minutes with the aid of a discreetly-placed PC that controls the compressed air in the robot's various inner workings. Not to mention the uncanny ability to freak you the fuck out when it starts chatting you up. (via:

  • 4. BAR2-D2

    BaR2D2 is a radio-controlled, mobile bar that features a motorized beer elevator, motorized ice/mixer drawer, six-bottle shot dispenser, and sound activated neon lighting. And before you ask: no, the girl does not come with it. That would be slavery and we're trying to discourage the robots from thinking that's a good model to follow, remember? (via:

  • 5. Topio Dio - Made In Vietnam

    Good night Vietnam! Topio Dio is 125 cm tall, weighs 45 kg and comes with 28 joints, three wheels, integrated camera sensor controlled by WiFi compatibility, and is specifically designed to serve you a tall, thin glass of Me Love You Long Time! (via:

  • 6. It's A-Me, Robotic Mario Bartender!

    "Adult Mario", is not a new niche of pronography, but actually a classic game of Super Mario Bros.... but with an alcoholic twist! Jumping on an enemy causes players to receive a small bit of rum in their cup. Grabbing coins adds a small squirt of Coke to the mix. Reaching the end-level flagpole triggers a shaking motion for as long as Mario slides down the pole, and adds an additional kick of rum during that time for good measure. It also makes you feel like you have an actual companion on those nights you play video games and drink alone. (via:

  • 7. SOBEaR Knows What's Best For You

    SOBEaR is cuddly cute and adorbz, but he also knows you like to hit the drinky a little hard sometimes, so he's equipped with an alcohol sensor. After blowing into it, (and I know that blowing a bear isnt the strangest thing you've ever done while plastered, so dont laugh) it determines your blood alcohol content (BAC) and just how much you're lit up like a Christmas Tree, displays a matching colored scale and pours you a drink appropriate to your current state of drunkeshedness. And you can take him home and sleep with him, to prevent any further bad decisions! (via:

  • 8. Shakes the Bartending Securitron from Fallout 3

    Your Bottle Caps are no good here! But assuming they are, Shakes is ready to serve you any variety of Dirty Water, Nuka Cola draft, or Nuka Cola Quantum, complete with radioactive isotope!

  • 9. Beer Bender

    What could be a better bartender than one, like us humans, that's powered by pure beer alone? How about one that MAKES the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods? Beer Bender's stomach houses the brewing apparatus and its head plays authentic Bender sayings. It even features a cigar that lights up thanks to a handy pen light/felt contraption. Enough talkin... time to drink, losers! (via:

  • 10. Bartender Roomba

    Basically just a Roomba with a beer on top of it, my own design. What's shakin', Bartender Roomba? Oh, another deliciously smooth Stella Artois? Dont mind if I do! (via: