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Pixar Warrior Mashups

A small collection of Pixar related speed paintings with a twist; each character is turned into a badass warrior! (via)

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  • UP: Russel and Kevin

    By Chad King, I'm digging the old skool Joust vibe. Battle ostriches are the one way to fly.

  • Buzz Lightyear

    By Carlos Villagra, who says: "I picked Buzz Lightyear and decided to make this space ranger a knight ranger."

  • Wall-E

    By Jorge Lacera: "I remember reading somewhere that the working title for Wall-E was "Trash Planet" and thought it would be cool to make an 80's B-movie poster of that." I love the "Short Circuit" look, I always imagined Wall-E was Johnny 5's illegitimate child anyway, so this makes a lot of sense to me.