The woman, identified by a pseudonym, claimed in a lawsuit that she was raped by a former employee of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. She says Jackson Lee fired her as she was preparing to pursue legal claims over the alleged assault.

Zoe Tillman • One day ago

An inspector general report found agency lawyers recognized there might be constitutional issues with Trump keeping a stake in the hotel, but didn’t pursue the issue.

Zoe Tillman • One day ago

The judge denied requests for temporary restraining orders that would force the government to pay workers or give employees a choice about whether to work without pay.

Zoe Tillman • 3 days ago

Barr also said he would not fire Mueller without cause — even if Trump asked him to do so — in a long day of testimony on Capitol Hill.

Zoe Tillman • 3 days ago

Neomi Rao is nominated for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s former seat on the DC Circuit.

Zoe Tillman • 4 days ago

The federal government is still calculating damages owed to federal workers who worked without pay during the 2013 shutdown.

Zoe Tillman • 8 days ago

As the top Justice Department official overseeing the Mueller probe, Rosenstein became something of a liberal folk hero. Now that he no longer has the power to fire Robert Mueller, reaction to a possible departure is more muted.

Zoe Tillman • 9 days ago

Manafort's lawyers filed a response to allegations by special counsel Robert Mueller's office that he lied after signing a plea deal. They tried to keep certain sections secret by redacting, but it was done incorrectly, making the information public.

Zoe Tillman • 10 days ago

The DC Superior Court, which runs the Marriage Bureau, is funded by Congress and had to scale back operations during the shutdown. The DC Council and DC’s mayor have stepped in.

Zoe Tillman • 10 days ago

The judge said the defense’s court filings — which accused Mueller’s office of acting outside the law and included colorful language and pop culture references — were “unprofessional, inappropriate, and ineffective.”

Zoe Tillman • 11 days ago

The grand jury’s 18-month term was set to expire soon. Court rules allow for an extension of up to six months if it’s “in the public interest.”

Zoe Tillman • 13 days ago

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit contends it's not a ban because transgender people can serve as their birth sex — that is, they can pretend they're not transgender.

Dominic Holden • 14 days ago

The local court system in DC is funded by Congress, and the Marriage Bureau wasn't deemed "essential."

Zoe Tillman • 16 days ago

Judges confirmed to federal appeals courts in the past two years are already staking out strong positions on guns, abortion, political speech, and agency power.

Zoe Tillman • 22 days ago

Wolfe pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with reporters while he was head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Zoe Tillman • 28 days ago

The judge found BuzzFeed was protected by a "fair report privilege" because the article involved an official proceeding.

Zoe Tillman • 29 days ago

A panel of judges concluded that Kavanaugh is no longer covered by the judiciary's disciplinary system now that he's a Supreme Court justice.

Zoe Tillman • One month ago

After a judge told Michael Flynn that he couldn't hide his "disgust" and "disdain" for Flynn's crimes, Flynn delayed sentencing to fully cooperate with the government in the hopes of maximizing any benefit when he is, ultimately, sentenced.

Zoe Tillman • One month ago

In a controversial ruling, a Texas judge has ruled that a minor move by Congress last year is grounds to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act, including preexisting condition protections.

Paul McLeod • One month ago

A federal appeals court heard arguments Friday in a case with a reported possible link to the special counsel investigation, leading to absolute mayhem as reporters were blocked from the area.

Zoe Tillman • One month ago