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    31 Things Under $40 From Target That’ll Keep You Both Stylish And Cozy

    Because you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. An open front cardigan so cute and cozy, you'll wear it over everything you own. Easily dress it up by pairing it with faux leather leggings.

    Model in green knit open front cardigan

    2. A pair of sherpa lace-up hiking boots guaranteed to keep you warm and receive tons of compliments.

    Sherpa lace up hiking boots

    3. A cropped retro puffer jacket, because sometimes you'll want to be able to actually move when you're bundled up. No more feeling restricted in a long coat.

    Model in black retro cropped puffer jacket

    4. A pair of tech touch magic gloves so you dont have to sacrifice warmth for posting a snowy selfie. Plus, they make a great stocking stuffer for everyone in the family.

    tech touch gloves

    5. A sherpa hooded sweatshirt that'll make you forget that it's freezing outside and you haven't left the house in over a week.

    Model in cream sherpa hooded sweatshirt

    6. A long-sleeve dress because if you're looking for a dress that is cute and cozy, this one is ~spot~ on.

    Model in long sleeve dress

    7. A leopard print scarf for when you need a purr-fect gift for your friends and family. While you're at it, you should probably get one for yourself too.

    Leopard print scarf

    8. A long-sleeve sweater dress that is basically fancy pajamas. You'll feels like you're wrapped in a cozy blanket all night long. Plus, you can wear it in the winter with boots and then in the spring with slides or sneakers.

    Model in long sleeve sweater dress

    9. A pair of sherpa-lined slipper socks that have grips on the bottom so you dont have to worry about slipping when you run to the kitchen during your binge of Lifetime holiday movies.

    sherpa lined slipper socks

    10. A long-sleeve, waffle-knit baby doll dress because finding a festive dress for the holidays doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. This cozy dress looks great in photos and allows you to eat all of the cookies you want.

    Model in long sleeve waffle knot babydoll dress

    11. A long-sleeve ruffle dress that will do everything but ruffle your comfort feathers. It's soft, flowy, and looks like something you purchased off from a fancier department store. If you're looking for a little extra warmth, pair it with tights and over-the-knee boots.

    Model in long sleeve ruffle dress

    12. A pair of pinstripe high-rise ankle knit pants for days you want to look like you got dressed up, but still feel like you're wearing sweatpants. The elastic band makes these the ultimate comfort pants.

    Model in pinstripe high-rise ankle knit pants

    13. A long-sleeve sweatshirt dress for when you want to lounge around all day but still look cute. When everyone's in their basic matching tie-dye sweatsuits, you'll stand out like the queen you are in this stylish number.

    Model in long sleeve sweatshirt dress

    14. A tiered top with criss-cross back details that'll tempt you to bust out some dance moves every time you put it on. Giving off major ballerina vibes, you'll be ready to give your family the Nutcracker performance they're missing this year.

    Model in long sleeve tiered top with criss cross back details

    15. A floral smocked top to keep you warm without having to wear a bulky sweater. No need to pull at the sleeves to get them over your hands, the bell sleeves add the perfect amount of comfort.

    16. A layered knit poncho that'll instantly become your new favorite layering piece in your closet. Since it has a high-low hem, it provides coverage in all the right places.

    layered knit poncho

    17. A cable knit pom beanie to be your BFF on days when your dry shampoo isn't going to cut it. Plus, it'll keep your head and ears super cozy.

    cable knit pom beanie

    18. A sweatshirt with puffy sleeves that is the perfect amount of comfort and style. When you want to feel cute at home, give your college sweatshirt and break and rock this baby all day long.

    Model in sweatshirt with puffy sleeves

    19. A tie-dye collared boilersuit with tons of pockets so you can carry all of your essentials on your body. If you're a sucker for a one-and-done outfit, this jumpsuit is perfect for getting ready in a pinch.

    Model in long sleeve collared boilersuit

    20. A pair of heeled hiking boots so versatile, you can easily dress them up or down. These will easily become your everyday booties.

    Heeled hiking boots

    21. A fuzzy cropped cardigan, because sometimes you want to feel like you're wrapped in a cozy embrace all day long.

    Model in fuzzy cropped cardigan

    22. A crew neck pullover sweater with ruffled shoulders, because your sweater game is anything but boring. The ruffles are a fun and feminine touch to this cozy sweater. Pair it with jeans, booties, and a beret to feel like a real retro '80s cutie.

    Model in crewneck pullover sweater

    23. A ~good vibes~ graphic sweatshirt because they say what you put out into the universe is what you'll get back, and we could all use some good vibes for 2021.

    Model in good vibes graphic sweatshirt

    24. A pair of high-rise vintage jogger sweatpants to keep you warm and cozy when you have last-minute errands to run.

    Model in high rise vintage sweatpants in tie dye

    25. A pair of cozy plaid flannel jogger pants so you dont need to be embarrassed by your pajamas when you go out to grab the paper in the morning. They're so soft and cozy it'll take all of the energy you have to change out of these for your Zoom calls.

    Model in cozy plaid flannel jogger pants

    26. A long-sleeve, boat-neck T-shirt that's basically a fancy pajama top. Rock it with the matching bottoms, or wear with with jeans and booties for girls' night in.

    Model in long sleeve boat neck t-shirt

    27. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings so stylish and comfortable, you'll never want to take them off. Try pairing them with sneakers, an oversized blazer, and silky cami for a cool and casual look.

    Model in high-waisted faux leather leggings

    28. A plaid blanket scarf so big it'll keep you warm and cozy, on and off of the couch.

    plaid blanket scarf

    29. A pair of suede scuff slide slippers that'll keep your toes warm all day long. They look like designer slippers, but for a fraction of the price.

    suede scuff slide slippers

    30. A plaid button-down shirt for days when you don't want to think about getting ready. Pair this cozy and easy shirt with jeans or leggings, and you're ready for a day of gift wrapping and errands.

    plaid long sleeve button-down shirt

    31. A tie-dye sweatshirt so funky and cozy, you'll wear it at least three times a week.

    Model in tie-dye sweatshirt

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