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    31 Things From Forever 21 People Will Think You Got At Some Super Fancy Store

    Because you can dress like a celebrity for a fraction of the price.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of braided square-toe heels that'll make you look like you walked off the runway. Pair them with your favorite LBD for date night in to spice things up.

    black braided square toe heels

    2. A ruffled puff sleeve dress that looks like a fancy dress your favorite blogger would post from their honeymoon in Tuscany.

    Model in white ruffle puff sleeve dress

    3. A pair of lip-shaped sunglasses you can pair with an oversized bomber jacket and leggings for the perfect off-duty brunch attire.

    Model in lip shaped sunglasses

    4. A rhinestone choker necklace that's so fancy, you'll feel like royalty when wearing it.

    Model in rhinestone choker necklace

    5. A pair of recycled capri jeans that'll put your designer denim to shame. They're also extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down with sneakers or heels.

    Model in recycled capri jeans and white top

    6. A pair of metallic dual-strap sandals because nothing says fancy quite like a shiny new pair of sandals. All that's missing is a fancy beach to wear them on.

    metallic dual-strap sandals

    7. A geo-trim wide-brim fedora that would guarantee you entrance to the VIP tent at Coachella.

    Model in geo-trim wide-brim fedora

    8. A fringe denim jacket so you can look like a rock star without having to spend your budget on wardrobe.

    Model in fringe denim jacket

    9. A sequin leopard face mask because sometimes you want something a little fanicer than your disposable paper mask.

    sequin leopard face mask

    10. A layered chain necklace that'll look like a fancy family heirloom when you wear it, without the anxiety of accidentally losing it.

    Model in gold layered chain necklace

    11. An embellished mesh top so fun and funky, people will think you went shopping with a celebrity stylist.

    Model in embellished mesh top

    12. An open-back bodycon midi dress for when you want to take date night to the next level. It looks great, will make you feel confident and looks like you spent hundreds of dollars on getting ready.

    Model in open-back bodycon midi dress

    13. A leopard print midi skirt for when you want to take a walk on the wild side of fashion.

    Model in olive leopard print midi skirt

    14. A faux leather cross-body bag that'll look like you spent one month's rent on it.

    Model in knit dress and faux leather crossbody bag

    15. A striped chenille sweater for when you want to look fancy and comfy, all at the same time.

    Model in striped chenille sweater

    16. An animal print puff-sleeve bikini top because even if you're in your backyard lounging, you can still dress like a celebrity on a white sand beach.

    model in animal print puff sleeve bikini top

    17. A reworked plaid shirt so cute, it'll scream "I'm laid back but also like to drink expensive champagne."

    model in black and white plaid shirt and black bike shorts

    18. A tie-dye Hendrix graphic tee because if you didn't DIY your tie-dye you definitely overpaid for it. So everyone thinks...

    model in tie-dye Hendrix graphic tee

    19. A floral print quilted jacket so you can transition to spring in style.

    Model in floral print quilted jacket

    20. A sheer organza scrunchie that'll look like you spent way more than you should have on a hair accessory. On days when you don't feel like getting ready, throw in this cutie and you'll instantly look put together.

    pink sheer organza scrunchie

    21. A fleece Barbie pullover because something this cute and cheeky could only be from a super fancy store.

    Model in barbie fleece pullover

    22. A pair of faux croc leather block heels that'll look like you blew your savings on designer shoes. They're the perfect shoes for your 2021 social calendar.

    tan faux croc leather block heels

    23. A gingham balloon-sleeve dress that'll be perfect for the winter and spring.

    Model in gingham balloon sleeve dress

    24. A sheer floral embroidered dress because having an LBD with personality is important. No one will ever believe you only spent $19.99 on it.

    Model in black sheer floral embroidered dress

    25. A vinyl sweetheart bodysuit so fierce people will think you borrowed this from the Kardashians' closet.

    Model in black vinyl sweetheart bodysuit

    26. A striped straw tote bag so fancy you'll look like you should be on a beach in the French Riviera when holding it.

    Striped straw tote bag

    27. A chambray duster jacket because having a jacket that you can easily toss over your Pilates outfit will instantly make you look like a celeb in a paparazzi photo.

    Model in chambray duster jacket

    28. A pair of sweater-knit pants because tie-dye sweatpants are so 2020. Knit pants are all the rage and these ones will make your outfit look super luxe.

    Model in sweater-knit pants

    29. A faux pearl sweater-knit top that is classy, sassy and looks like it costs a whole lot more than $19.99.

    model in faux pearl sweater-knit top

    30. A pair of seamless ribbed high-rise leggings that'll make you reconsider why you ever spent over $100 on leggings.

    Model in black seamless ribber high-rise leggings

    31. A faux leather moto jacket because being animal-friendly and budget-friendly was on the top of your list for your 2021 resolutions.

    Model in faux leather moto jacket

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