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    31 Stylish Dresses From Target You Can Literally Wear All Year

    Because who has time, or room, to be switching their closets over each season?

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A chic floral print sleeveless low back dress with pockets, which practically makes it the perfect dress.

    A v-neck black and yellow floral dress

    2. A puff short sleeve ruffle dress so on point it *almost literally* hits all of this years hottest fashion trends in one shot.

    The black mock neck dress with orange florals

    3. A balloon long sleeve dress so comfortable it will give your favorite pajamas a run for their money.

    Balloon sleeve black dress with a v-neckline

    4. A sleeveless trapeze dress that will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation the second you put it on. And we could all use that kind of energy right now.

    Strappy tropical print swing dress

    5. A sleeveless knit dress born for piling on layers when the sun goes down.

    yellow tank midi dress

    6. A floral mixed print short sleeve dress so long and flowy it's bound to be your go-to dress when you have "nothing to wear!"

    Model in a navy and purple short sleeved mixed pattern dress

    7. A sleeveless dress that looks equally as cool with sneakers as it does with booties or heels.

    Model in a sleeveless turtleneck pink belted dress

    8. An sleeveless ruffle swing dress so chic, it will replace every other LBD you have in your closet.

    Model in black swing dress

    9. A chic printed sleeveless dress you can easily tuck the straps of for a more formal look.

    Tiered animal print dress with ruffles

    10. A ruffle sleeveless tiered dress that loves being the center of attention but also plays nicely with a denim jacket.

    Model in orange and yellow floral print dress with ruffles at sleeve and bottom hem

    11. A puff three-quarter-sleeve button-down dress so cool, it doesn't require any additional styling.

    Model in long sleeve button up denim dress with tie waist

    12. A striped short sleeve V-neck jumpsuit, aka the perfect mix of business and pleasure.

    A model in the tie-waisted jumpsuit

    13. A puff long sleeve dress to brighten your day that's perfect for any and every occasion.

    Model in a green dress with black polka dots and off the shoulder collar

    14. A breathable short sleeve shirtdress, because who doesn't want to be comfortable at all times?

    Model in a dark red short sleeved dress that falls at the knees

    15. A tie-waist midi tank dress perfect for a hot summer night that easily layers over a turtleneck for fall.

    Red dress with white floral print and a bow at the waist

    16. A ruffle long sleeve dress that's a triple threat: Fun, fierce and extremely comfortable.

    Animal print tie waisted long-sleeved dress with ruffles on sleeves

    17. A floral print flutter short sleeve dress, because who doesnt want endless compliments?

    Model in blue v-neck mid length dress

    18. A short-sleeve ankle-length jumpsuit with wide legs and pleating around the neck that feels elevated and relaxed all at the same time.

    Pale pink cinch-waited jumpsuit with short sleeves and long pants

    19. A short-sleeve linen dress sure to be your next go-to travel dress for any time of the year.

    A model in an orange tie-waisted tiered dress that falls below the knee

    20. A sleeveless denim pinafore dress that will take you back to the '90s and was made for layering.

    Model in black overall dress

    21. A sleeveless tiered dress with a unique neckline, because it's chic you deserve to get dressed up for a date night.

    THe mismatched striped dress in beige and ivory tones

    22. A satin slip dress for a year round dress you'll never get sick of. Get double duty out of it by topping it with a sweater for an illusion of a slip skirt.

    Model in cheetah print slip that falls at knee

    23. A short-sleeve collared dress that will have you researching giraffe hotels immediately.

    Model in khaki button up dress with belt and pockets at chest

    24. A paisley print puff short-sleeve wrap dress, because you need at least one new dress for your socially distanced hangouts.

    Model in red paisley maxi dress

    25. A long-sleeve knit dress that is begging to be worn with a floppy hat.

    Model in long sleeved pale green dress that falls at knee

    26. A short puff-sleeved tiered baby doll dress, for when you're in the need for a dance session and want to twirl around the house.

    Model in blue knee-length swing dress

    27. A floral print puff sleeve smocked dress that fits like a glove and looks on point with moto boots.

    Model in dark floral square-neck mini dress

    28. A sleeveless tie shoulder dress, because this makes getting ready effortless.

    Black and blue animal print dress with tie sleeves

    29. A three-quarter sleeve lace-up dress so perfect you'll be dreaming of your next vacation.

    Green dress with navy leaf patterns and a bow at the neckline

    30. A short-sleeved ruffle hem dress that is perfect for hot days and can easily be worn for your *obligatory* winery trip in the fall.

    Model in short sleeved green floral swing dress

    31. A leopard print sleeveless dress, because it's always a good idea to wear this fierce print.

    leopard print tiered dress with tie string at waist

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