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    31 Cozy Things From Walmart That’ll Keep You Warm Without Sacrificing Style

    Because you shouldn't have to look like you emptied a basket of throw blankets on top of yourself to stay warm.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A ruffle cardigan that'll instantly make you look you're wearing something from a designer collection. The ruffles make this classic style feel extra special.

    Model in ruffle cardigan

    2. A bundle of tie-dye masks, because we sweat through our masks all summer but the groundbreaking discovery is that they are actually super cozy and protect your face from the cold.

    Tie dye masks

    3. A boyfriend blazer for the days that need the extra professional *umph*! This blazer has a cute little scrunched sleeve detail that basically says, "Don't mess with me, I am on a mission!"

    Model in boyfriend blazer with scrunch sleeves

    4. A pair of wide leg tie-dye pants that'll only come off your body when it's absolutely necessary to wash them.

    Model in wide leg tie-dye pants

    5. A long cardigan with pockets — need we say more? You'll feel like you're wrapped in a warm hug all day and can easily transport snacks to the couch when you're in the middle of an SATC marathon.

    Model in long cardigan with pockets

    6. A pair of driving gloves with embroidered forefingers so you can stay warm while using your smartphone. The faux shearling trim makes these classic gloves extra stylish.

    Driving gloves

    7. A tie-dye raglan sweatshirt so versatile you can pair it with just about anything on the bottom. It looks cool and casual with jeans, and even edgier when paired with leather leggings or a slip skirt.

    Model in tie dye sweatshirt

    8. A cheetah beanie with a pom-pom because scoring a warm and stylish hat for $12 that looks high-end is the only win we're interested in.

    Cheetah beanie with pom

    9. A pair of wide leg knit pants so stylish and warm they'll be the only pair of pants you'll want to wear.

    Model in wide leg knit pants

    10. A rainbow striped puff sleeve sweater that'll keep you comfy and cozy, no matter where you are. It's the perfect dose of vibrance you need on long, dark winter days.

    Model in rainbow striped puff sleeve sweater

    11. A snap fleece pullover turtleneck designed to be worn on the couch or for a day packed with errands. The cozy, oversized design ensures maximum comfort, no matter where you are.

    Model in fleece pullover turtleneck

    12. A belted shirtdress so chic, when you tell your friends it's from Walmart, they'll have to see your receipt to believe it.

    Model in belted shirtdress

    13. A pair of open-toe slippers for anyone who has a winter pedicure they'd like to show off.

    open-toe slippers

    14. A pair of mid-rise pull-on jeggings that'll be the first thing you grab on cold mornings. They look stylish with everything from an oversized sweatshirt to a blazer and silk cami.

    Model in mid rise pull-on jeggings

    15. A square-neck bodysuit, because having this essential layering piece in your wardrobe is necessary for transitioning from winter to spring while staying warm. It's so versatile and affordable, and looks like it was purchased from one of the Kardashian's clothing lines.

    Model in green square neck body suit

    16. A pair of bootie slippers so your toes will never get cold again. The fold down in the front of these boots gives them a little bit more style than your classic fuzzy boots.

    Beige faux-fur bootie slippers

    17. A faux fur puffer coat that'll keep you warm and stylish, without pushing your credit card bill over the edge.

    Model in ivory faux fur puffer coat

    18. A knit beanie with faux fur pom pom so you can look like you're wearing a designer hat but for the fraction of the price. This chic hat will keep you warm without sacrificing your winter style.

    Beanie with faux fur pom pom

    19. A wide-neck jumpsuit for when you want to look like you put effort into your outfit, but really wanted to wear a comfy onesie. Perfect for the couch or running errands.

    Mode in wide neck jumpsuit with navy and white tie dye patterns

    20. A cowl neck poncho that'll keep you comfy and cozy, no matter where you are. It's perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

    Model in cowl pink colorblock neck poncho

    21. A pair of black, faux fur boots to stay warm no matter WHAT. "Cozy cannot be chic." —no one ever, after seeing these.

    black lace up faux fur boots

    22. A balloon sleeve sweater that'll pair perfectly with your favorite leggings or knit pants.

    Model in balloon sleeve sweater

    23. An elegant knit sweater dress that is quite frankly a winter essential. Throw on some tights and you are ready for a date night.

    Model in sweater dress

    24. A cozy funnel-neck tunic sweater that'll be the perfect layer you need in the morning on top of your tank top and pajama pants set.

    model in cozy funnel neck tunic sweater

    25. A faux sherpa zip jacket for when it's freezing out but you still want to look fashionable and cool. Don't break the bank on a designer jacket, this one with buckles and faux shearling is just as nice.

    Model in faux sherpa jacket

    26. A pair of performance leggings that look exactly like your super warm high-end athletic pants. They even have a side pocket so your cellphone has a cozy home during your workouts.

    Model in high waist black leggings

    27. A cozy and fierce checkered poncho to wrap yourself up in. Dress it up, dress it down, and wrap yourself up like the gift that you are.

    Model in poncho

    28. A furry fleece balaclava for when you want to look cute and warm on the slopes.

    furry fleece balaclava

    29. An elegant yet toasty faux fur, hooded coat — this'll become your new best friend by simply being especially soft and huggable.

    Model in faux fur hooded coat

    30. A soft, cowl neck pullover to keep your neck from being exposed to the cold. It's perfect for those crispy mornings that make you beeline to the coffee machine.

    Cowl neck pullover

    31. A patterned top with stylish balloon sleeves and a drawstring to tie it all together. (Pun fully intended.)

    Model in fair isle tie string sweater in ivory and red

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