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    31 Pieces Of Clothing From Target Everyone Will Think You Got Somewhere Fancy

    Because it's so fun to get the "no way" reaction when you tell someone about the great clothes you got at Target.

    1. A floral print long-sleeve dress that'll cause your DMs to blow up after you post a selfie in it. Everyone will demand to know where you got it.

    Model in green floral long sleeve dress

    2. Animal print heeled tall boots because when you strut around in boots this chic, no one will suspect these aren't from a high-end store.

    Black and white snakeskin tall boots

    3. A quilted tote bag so you can stop spending hundreds on designer bags. This is honestly just as chic.

    Blue quilted tote bag

    4. A tie-waist puffer jacket because if Emily In Paris were to be set on the ski slopes, you know Emily would be rocking this jacket.

    Model in pink tie waist puffer jacket

    5. Tie waist paper-bag pants so versatile, you'll be reaching for these pretty much every time you're not in your loungewear.

    Model in paperbag waist pants

    6. A pair of multi-tone link earrings that'll make you feel like a million bucks... even if you only spent a fraction of that for these beauties.

    Chain link earrings

    7. A button-front lounge jumpsuit because yes, you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

    Model in printed jumpsuit

    8. A long-sleeve faux leather dress perfect to wear on that Zoom holiday dinner or date night. It looks chic on its own but can also be paired with black tights and booties.

    Model in red faux leather dress

    9. An overcoat you can drape on over any old top — no one will know what you're wearing underneath, aka grocery store trips in your pajama top will now be a thing.

    Model in overcoat

    10. A slip A-line maxi skirt because everyone needs a solid skirt they can wear with anything. This pairs well with a blouse or T-shirt, but can also be worn with an oversized sweater and sneakers for a cozy look.

    Moden in purple silky maxi skirt and black top

    11. A faux leather top knot headband that'll basically serve as a compliment magnet. It makes every outfit just a bit edgier.

    Black faux leather top knot headband

    12. A overcoat cocoon jacket perfect for tossing over jeans or loungewear. You'll easily forget that you've been logging hours on a project when you're wrapped in this baby.

    Moden in cocoon jacket and jeans

    13. A pair of microsuede heeled fashion boots that'll add a pop of sass to any outfit. Rock them with a mini dress, or use them as a layer of warmth beneath a maxi.

    brown over the knee microsuede fashion boots

    14. A long-sleeve floral cinch front top so versatile, you can wear it all winter and keep rocking it in spring.

    Model in top

    15. A silky cami to make you feel fancy — even if you are just wearing a pair of leggings. This will easily become the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

    Model in black silky cami

    16. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings for a killer look that will make you look like a rock star (but one with a very small budget).

    Model in green faux leather leggings

    17. Furry slide slippers perfect for lounging around the house and bingeing The Queens Gambit.

    Leopard print fuzzy slippers

    18. A leather puffer jacket so eye-catching, prepare to get at least a million compliments during your next grocery store run.

    Model in green leather puffer and black skirt

    19. A thick chain link necklace that'll look good with just about everything. Dress up a basic T-shirt and jeans instantly with this gem.

    Chainlink necklace

    20. Platform pumps you'll be ~pumped~ to wear around your house for NYE this year. Yes, you should absolutely dress up for the ringing in of 2021... even if the celebration won't be what you're typically used to.

    Platform pumps

    21. A mid-length color-block jacket with deep pockets in the front so you can easily store your beanie and spare gloves.

    Model in orange mid length colorblock jacket

    22. A plaid blanket scarf so soft and cute, it'll look like you spent half of your last paycheck on this cold weather essential. No one will ever know it's not cashmere.

    Pink plaid blanket scarf

    23. Heeled hiking boots because you really don't have to sacrifice style for function. These booties are perfect for braving the cold weather.

    Brown lace-up hiking boots

    24. A long-sleeve faux leather button-down shirt you'll definitely want to wear anytime you have to leave the house. It pairs great with leggings or tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans.

    Model in faux leather long sleeve button-down shirt

    25. A herringbone kimono jacket you can wear every day, for years and years. It's soft, cozy, and doesn't require any styling.

    Model in herringbone ruana kimono jacket

    26. A balloon long sleeve top you can pretty much wear with everything in your closet.

    model wearing the white top

    27. A two-tone top knot headband you can throw on in the morning when you've overslept for your Zoom party. A satin headband instantly hides bedhead.

    two-tone top knot headband

    28. A beautiful soft clutch because sometimes you don't want to carry a tote around with all of your things. This clutch is oversized, so it can hold all of your essentials.

    Soft clutch

    29. A strong shoulder long-sleeve sweater dress you can fancy up with booties or down with white leather sneakers.

    Model in strong shoulder long sleeve sweater dress

    30. A pair of thin strap pumps because you should always have a strappy pair of heels in your closet. These will look great with cropped pants, skinny jeans, dresses and skirts.

    Thin strap heeled pumps

    31. A set of three crystal round stud earrings that'll make everyday feel like you're living a luxurious lifestyle.

    Set of 3 crystal round stud earrings

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