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    30 Problem-Solving Pet Products From Amazon Reviewers Say Worked After They Tried “Everything”

    Because we don't want you to have to try everything.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A ChomChom pet hair remover that easily removes your dog and cat hair from couches, beds, comforters and blankets. The best part? It takes three minutes, tops.

    Reviewer holding a large clump of fur next to the roller

    Promising review: "I've tried everything claiming to easily and quickly clean up what every animal owner deals with. And aside from my Roomba, this device has been the game changer. First of all, I can't believe how much hair is actually on the couch each morning. Second, I can't believe how effective it is on getting 99% of the hair, and the ease of disposal. Lastly, it's quick, easy, and there are no cords, batteries, or disposable sticky tape pieces to deal with." —Sunniedays

    Price: $24.95

    2. A training pad for puppies made with five layers of leakproof protection to help save your floors. The pads are made with activated charcoal for better absorption and to help eliminate odors.

    Reviewer's picture of the training pads with five-star caption "attention multiple cat owners you need this"

    Promising review: "This pad has charcoal built into the pad and hides my dogs urine order better than any other pad that I have tried from multiple other manufactures. It is larger than other that I have purchased and the gray color of the pad makes it less noticeable as well. I don't write many reviews yet HIGHLY recommend this product." —Kimberly Rowell

    Price: $17 for pack of 100

    3. A stain-and-odor remover that's worth every penny. Never get hit in the face with the smell of pet urine every again. If you've tried every product and home remedy out there, this eliminator will change your life.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of pee-stained rug and then clean rug with five-star caption "removed bright yellow pee stain from white rug!"

    Promising review: "We tried EVERYTHING from natural to nuclear, Pinterest to witchcraft, and NOTHING worked (seriously I'm talking carpet shampooer, Oxyclean, baking soda, peroxide, dish soap, vinegar, carpet powder, enough Resolve to coat a small country, more baking soda, prayer, holy water, human get the picture). Desperate, and about to burn the house down and start over in a new city with a new identity, I started combing Amazon for a miracle! I treated the stain with this and after 10 mins passed and my bloodhound nose traveled down the hall with hopes high. I opened the door to the room and was hit in the face with.....NOTHING!!!! NO ODOR, NO STANK, LIGHT CLEAN SMELL BUT NO FAKE FLOWERY COATED AIR!!!! This stuff is a MIRACLE!!!II'm awaiting its letter to Hogwarts as I write this review, and I'm going to buy another bottle for SURE, you should too!!!!" —N. Garcia

    Price: $19.97

    4. A Bissell SpotBot, because who wants to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing cat vomit from the carpet? The answer: no one.

    This portable carpet cleaner will spray, brush, and suction up any stain, no adult supervision needed. It also comes with a hose and tool attachment if you'd prefer a more hands-on cleaning session.

    Promising review: "This machine is amazing. I was shocked. My dogs had a severe diarrhea blowout from getting into some people food and garbage. We tried everything, but my carpet looked beyond repair. We used the cleaning solution that came with it and also used Nature's Miracle carpet shampoo liquid. I am sold on the SpotBot. It is fabulous and gets out any set-in stain. Not a trace left and we didn't have to do a thing but move the machine to a different spot when it was done. No work for us!" —MK

    Price: $179.99

    5. A devastatingly effective handheld vacuum for sucking up pet hair. It has a special rubber nozzle that picks up fur with ease, especially on hard-to-vacuum areas like stairs. There's no bag, so simply pop off the canister when you're done vacuuming and dump the contents in the trash.

    Promising review: "Holy crap!! Are you skeptical when it comes to buying stuff online? ME TOO! That's why I figured all of these rave reviews were a crock of crap. I've seriously tried every kind of vacuum out there, including the Rumba, which is about as intelligent as a cotton swab. But I have four cats and a golden retriever, so I was getting desperate! I believe the saying is… a picture is worth a thousand words. Check mine out (above)! Of note — the 'before' picture was taken of my dog's bed AFTER it went through the washer and dryer. Look at all of that left-behind hair!!! And the 'after' picture was taken after only THREE MINUTES spent vacuuming her bed. I. Am. SOLD! BTW, I've NEVER taken the time to review a product before, just FYI." —Luka Chan

    Price: $34.92

    6. An interactive cat toy to quickly replace the bin full of other playthings you've bought your kitty over the years...and that they now won't even look at.

    Promising review: "We have tried every cat to out there and my cat is not interested in any of them. It's funny how the least expensive cat toy I have makes him go crazy. He plays with this until he's panting like a dog and I have never seen him jump so high. I'm certain this toy will help him lose his belly. He loves it! I highly recommend it!" —Kwoo

    Price: $2.99

    7. A bottle of Burt's Bees dander-reducing spray if you want your cat's coat to be soft, shiny, and free of dander and flakes. It's made with aloe vera and oatmeal to condition dry skin and reduce redness.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the spray dramatically reduced their cat's dander

    Promising review: "We have an overweight cat who has trouble grooming her back. She was so full of dandruff and greasy fur that I hated petting her. We took her to the vet, and he thought it was allergies. We tried everything — we tried prednisone for a while, and it was clear she was less itchy, but the dandruff remained . The vet suggested different food, so we switched to a different flavor (different ingredients) in the same line, and there was no change. Our poor girl looked miserable.We decided to try a bath, but she's 13 years old so we knew she wouldn't enjoy it. While looking for a shampoo for her, I came across this product and decided to try it before torturing her with a bath. After the first application there was a huge difference! After the second application, her dandruff is GONE. We spray her down and then brush her. She is so soft and shiny! She finally looks healthy, and feels good to pet." —Amber Steele

    Price: $6.49 (or Subscribe & Save for $6.17/month)

    8. Or! A pack of Burt's Bees cat wipes for reducing dander and keeping your cat's fur fresh. They're pretty similar to the spray, so it's up to you which format you prefer using with your kitties.

    The wipes

    Promising review: "Our son was having a lot of dander on his back near the base of his tail. We tried everything and continuously brushed him but it wasn't going away. Looking at the reviews I decided to go for the dander wipes. Well I have used it twice and was blown away. His dander is pretty much all gone now. Plus his hair seems shinier and silkier after his brushing and using the wipes. Not to mention our baby boy looks just like the cat on the packaging. All around I will continue to buy these and use once a week or twice every two weeks to keep up his beautiful orange coat. Thanks Burt's Bees!" —Tom Cincotta

    Price: $6.49 (or Subscribe & Save for $5.83+/month)

    9. An automatic water fountain to encourage your picky cats to stay hydrated. Some cats hate drinking still water (long story short, it's a defense mechanism), so a fountain with running water may be more enticing.

    Reviewer photo of the fountain, which has a flower-shaped spout

    Promising review: "I adopted a 6-month-old kitten from a rescue group and I noticed that he did not want to drink much water from his bowl. I tried everything and I discovered that he loved to drink lots of water if I turned on the faucet. This fountain was the perfect answer. He absolutely loves it and is drinking lots of water now. My other cat also loves it. Neither have went back to their bowl of water since I put this fountain out. The fountain is very quiet and holds a lot of water. It is cute and does not take up a lot of space. I highly recommend." — Lostie4ever

    Price: $34.99 (also available in green)

    10. A hemp calming treat for dogs that's designed to reduce stress and anxiety.

    Reviewer's dog next to the chews with five-star caption "hyperactive dog was calm"

    Promising review: "I have tried a few different brands of CBD chews for my dog. She is a saint Bernard American cocker mix. Age 4. She is about 60 lbs. Bonnie was a rescue and she had Terrible separation anxiety and would become very destructive. We had tried everything prior to turning to CBD chews. After trying different brands the premium care brand seemed to work the best for her. We do three chews in the morning and she's as mellow as can be all day long. She no longer barks, cries and destroys the door frames. I'm over the moon she's not frantic when we leave to run an errand. She has sensitive skin and some food sensitivity and these don't cause any reactions. I will be sticking with the premium care brand for her. I recommend them to anyone when they ask how I got her to mellow out."—Kaitlyn Magnoli

    Price: $29.96

    11. A set of mini combs because they'll gently detangle the fur around your pet's eyes that's been crusted with eye boogers. This stainless steel brush delicately picks out the goop so you don't have to touch it yourself.

    Promising review: "I have two male Yorkies and I like to keep their hair long. At times they get 'crud' in their eyes and; one was recently diagnosed with 'dry eyes.' Ironically, dry eyes produce 'mucous,' crud and stains. I tried EVERYTHING, pads, ointments, drops, warm wash clothes to keep his eyes clean, ALL to NO avail. I just used it on my boys and they did not 'fight' me, no pain, no hassle and the comb removes ALL the mucous and crud. Who knew this inexpensive little tool is a WONDER tool." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $5.95

    12. An eye rinse if you need help getting rid of tear stains — aka those annoying reddish streaks some dogs have around their eyes.

    Reviewer's before and after photo showing the rinse got rid of their white dog's tear stains

    Promising review: "When we adopted our Maltese a couple of months ago, he had watery and crusty eyes. It was so bad that he couldn’t open his eyes completely. I had tried everything until I came across this one. At first, I didn’t see much progress, but I kept on applying the Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse every day. Slowly, but surely, his eyes were improving. Four months into the treatment I compared before and after photos and realized he had improved dramatically. I strongly recommend this eye rinse; I still use it just to keep his eyes free of debris." —Jaime Castano

    Price: $5.59 (or Subscribe & Save for $5.31/month)

    13. An ear treatment to clean your poor pet's ears of buildup and prevent inflammation and irritation. These ear drops are designed to protect against a variety of fungal and bacterial infections, like yeast and staph infections.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the treatment cleared all the brown crustiness from their dog's ears

    Promising review: "I bought this for my cat who had chronic ear infections following a boarding bath. We tried everything, spent over $1,000 in vet visits antibiotics nothing worked. Finally after moving to another city a great vet recommended this and provided it during a visit. It worked but the vet said it was a different RX of this product. I bought this from Amazon a month ago. Amazing worked great and I do not have to take a risk of invasive cleaning by a nonprofessional. He shakes his head after application and there is no more external skin irritation from scratching his head or ears. I highly recommend for cats who have chronic buildup. (I did have ear cultures first at vet to make sure there were no other issues. Cultures ruled out any serious infection).. This works great for my cat." — 4W

    Price: $21.99

    14. An antibacterial, safe-to-swallow toothpaste that'll help prevent plaque buildup that can make your dog's breath extra funky.

    Promising review: "I have a 7-year-old Corgi. He had bad plaque buildup, tartar and gums were red looking even after many brushings with other products. I tried everything recommended to get his teeth looking better. I bought this toothpaste in hopes for better results since he needs his teeth cleaned by the vet but I wanted to get them in good shape so to cut down on how long Vet would have to work on him since I am concerned about putting him under anesthesia due to liver concerns. I brushed his teeth faithfully for two weeks with this product and now his teeth are too much better-looking. The plaque is almost gone, his gums look great (no bleeding when I brush). He doesn't LOVE having his teeth brushed but likes the taste of this product. His teeth and breath have been greatly Improved and I am so happy with the results. I am ordering more and this will be his maintenance toothpaste in between cleanings. Recommend Highly!" —Amy

    Price: $9.44 (or Subscribe & Save for $8.86/month; available in three flavors)

    15. A bag of Pill Pockets so you can disguise the medication that your dog immediately sniffs out and avoids when you try to hide it in their food.

    Reviewer photo of the pill pouch

    Promising review: "I've always resisted buying these.. the ones they carry in the vet are the smaller version and I knew my dog's pills wouldn't fit into him. He's a large dog so he has large pills. However my fiance bought some last time he was there and I was surprised to find how malleable they are. Even though my dogs pills don't fit in them I just squish them around the pill and they work amazingly well. I've tried everything to get my picky dog his pills including wrapping in meats, cheese, wet dog food, etcetera. He would always manage to work things around in his mouth so that he'd get the food and spit the pills out. He takes his pills in these without hesitation. And this bigger version is amazing because I can use one and break it up and wrap it around a couple different pills. My dog is on regular medications due to age, arthritis, previous surgeries. This has made my life so much easier." —Jessica S

    Price: $7.49 for 30 pockets (or Subscribe & Save for $7.58/month; available in three sizes and other flavors).

    16. A scented clumping litter if you're tired of inhaling an ammonia-scented dust cloud after every single scoop. No more trying to hold your breath the whole time; this dust-free litter clumps together tightly so it won't crumble mid-scoop and has 10-day odor control.

    The kitty litter

    Promising review: "I have tried everything and not found a better quality litter than this. I frequently travel on the weekends so my kitty, Darwin, stays at home. My house never smells of urine or feces when I come home. If you forget to clean the box after a few days, don't sweat it. The litter covers the scent wonderfully and it clumps quite well too. Darwin and I are so glad for Fresh Step." —Carly Moore

    Price: $9.54

    17. A slow feeder bowl so you can stop your dog from inhaling their meal in a minute flat. These ridged bowls can help improve digestion, reduce bloating, and encourage your dog's foraging skills to keep their mind active.

    Reviewer photo of the bowl with dog food in it

    Promising review: "No matter what I did to my working K9's food, he would out eat any of my other working K9's. It was almost as it he gobbled his food in three bites. I tried everything, adding water, spreading the food around the edges. It didn't matter. I could see he was never satisfied after eating. He would finish so fast, he'd go to the other K9's bowls as they ate and would scout for any morsel that might pop out of their bowl. I bought the Dog Games Outward Fun Feeder Flower bowl. On the first feeding he was sure he had the wrong bowl, then realized that this was the only way he would get his food. He struggle to figure out the puzzle, but he stayed with it and ate his meal. The next feeding he was an expert. Now he is the last to eat. Except, when he is finished, he has such a happy face! His eyes say it all.... He loves the game. The bonus? Biko is finally satisfied! For us, this was a very good purchase. I would definitely recommend. The only thing, it would be much nicer if the companies of these bowls would include a cleaning utensil. I bought a coffee pot brush, which made the price go up being it was an additional purchase. Otherwise, were happy and so is he!" —Meh

    Price: $14.99 (available in four sizes and six colors).

    18. An automatic pet feeder because it's time to regain your freedom from your furry overlords. No more being woken up at 6 a.m. by a hungry pet or having your Zoom meetings interrupted by yowling in the background because dinner is one minute late. Plus, your fast eaters are forced to slow down so they dont make themselves sick.

    This automatic feeder can hold up to 12 meals depending on the size of each portion (you can choose from 1/8 cup to 4 cups).

    Promising review: "I have tried everything to stop getting up to feed my cat — automatic feeders several times over the years but finally went back to hand feeding because the ones I tried were very hard to program. But this one is great! You can buy a power cord (sold individually, of course) but it's worth it. It also can run on batteries if desired. The food delivery mechanism is very well designed. It's a little hard to program but with a few careful read-throughs, I got it done. But far and away the best feature is being able to set it to slow feeding mode; this dribbles out portions at five-minute intervals. This keeps the cats very interested but best of all, my one cat who loves to gulp everything in sight down at turbo speed and then throw it up a few minutes later, has not thrown up since I got this! If you buy this — which I highly recommend doing — just be sure you read the section about priming the food conveyor for first time use. Happy cats and happy me!" —Farm Wife

    Price: $99.95 (originally $119).

    19. An allergy supplement because your doggo deserves relief from their allergies and skin sensitivities. These soft chews are designed to deliver a dose of probiotics and other nutrients to help improve immune function, aide digestion, promote healthy skin, and add shine to a dog's coat.,

    Promising review: "Absolutely the best product. It saved my itchy Goldendoodle! We tried everything — changing food, Benadryl, medicated shampoo, fish oil, everything you can imagine...nothing worked long-term. He was itching his face so badly he would make himself bleed. Had sores and scabs all over his face and neck. I bought these because they had good reviews and I was desperate. It changed his life! He no longer scratches AT ALL! His coat looks great and all of his sores are healed. He’s the happiest he’s been which makes me a very happy momma. He is also very picky and never eats treats... he eats these every time so that’s an added bonus!" —Darcie Nation

    Price: $25.96 (or Subscribe & Save for $24.66/month)

    20. A deluxe dog harness with shoulder and belly straps, because your pooch deserves to be as comfortable as possible while on a walk. This harness controls moderate pulling by resting across your dog’s chest instead of their throat and features a light and breathable construction that’s comfortable, yet durable. Walk on, Grover!

    A reviewer's dog standing on the sidewalk while wearing the harness

    Promising review:THIS HARNESS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I have a 7-month-old, 65-lb pit/lab puppy who is bigger and stronger than any of my other young pits. She was dragging my wife around terribly until I got this for her. We tried everything, like the gentle leader leash, but she HATES it. All she'll do is lay down and cry when I put it on her. This was a total breeze. She took to this like a duck in water. I simply can't say enough good things about the product. It does take some practice in adjusting the straps. However, if you can be patient, the pay off is HUGE!! I also found it to run a tad on the bigger size so when you order, just imagine everything about an inch bigger all around than you expect. That way if you're right on the edge of sizes you can make a better decision." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $20.95+ (available in four sizes and four colors)

    21. A package of natural dental treats to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. They sport a unique texture that cleans down to your pet’s gum line in an effort to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog breath. Plus, dogs love them as treats!

    A reviewer holding out a dental treat in front of their dog

    Promising review: "I have a 65-lb golden-collie mix who is the pickiest eater. He won’t eat his dog food unless mixed well with a raw egg, has seasonal allergies up to Ying Yang and up until about three years ago wouldn’t touch a dog treat no matter what we tossed at him. We tried everything —regular milk bones, rawhide, special treats from a 'cookie bar' at a pet store, pigs ears (yuck). You name it, we tried it! My neighbor at our new home loves Henry.. she religiously walks him every morning for a good one to two hours (depending on weather). She started giving him a Greenie everyday after their walk and now it’s the treat of choice for this household. He LOVES them. They are gone within minutes but that doesn’t bother anyone. I’m just so happy we found something he enjoys. We usually give him one in the morning and maybe one to two throughout the day and I would say two 36oz box of Large treats lasts almost a month. I usually buy two boxes at the beginning of the month and they will last me almost to the end... The price really isn’t an issue as again, I don’t buy any other treats or toys for him. He doesn’t like bones or squeaky toys. He loves balls but those we only play with outside and one tennis ball can last years with him. If it’s one splurge on my four-legged friend and he loves them then it’s worth every penny!" —AC

    Price: $27.59 (available in seven sizes) or Subscribe & Save for $26.21/month

    22. A box of leakproof poop bags, because picking up after your dog should be stress- and accident-free. These bags are simple to open and tie securely so you can enjoy a stress-free walk with your dog, and are made from recyclable materials.

    A model holding one of the poop bags and showing how much it can hold

    Promising review: “I love these poop bags! With five of my own dogs and many fosters throughout the year, I have tried everything when it comes to poop bags. Earth Rated is always my #1 go-to. One of my dogs has colitis, so I need strong and sturdy poop bags! My biggest is also 100 lbs, so I need a poop bag big enough and these fit everything I need! Haven't been able to find them locally like I usually do so thankful for Amazon and Prime delivery!" —Christina

    Price: $11.99 (available in lavender-scented or unscented) or Subscribe & Save for $11.39/four months

    23. A natural paw-soothing cream, because your pup’s paws should be in tip-top shape at all times. This topical ointment heals, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin and is good to have on hand if your dog’s paws tend to get dry or chapped.

    A split photo of a dog's paw before and after using the cream, showing a much darker and healthier paw

    Promising review: “Out of EVERYTHING we have tried, claiming to help...this actually works! We have the skin and paw for our pibble and it has helped tremendously. She would scratch non stop, and lock her paws to the point of bleeding. After using this, it has greatly reduced the issues!" —Daniel

    Price: $5.95 or Subscribe & Save for $5.65/month

    24. A waterproof and scratch-proof car seat cover if you want to protect your vehicle from your active pet. This cover features four different layers that create an impenetrable barrier between your seats and your dog, and is super easy to clean and install. Plus, your dog will feel safe and secure.

    Reviewer's dog sitting on the seat cover

    Promising review: “I love this seat cover! My dog gets car sick and very anxious in the car. I’ve tried everything to help him relax and feel safe but until we got this nothing worked. Now he rides in the back seat like a normal happy dog. The cover is super easy to put on and take off. I love it!" — Amazon reviewer

    Price: $33.96+ (available in two sizes)

    25. A stuffing-free squeak toy for the pupper hell-bent on murdering every toy in their path. At least you know you won't have to pick fluff out of their mouths if they succeed.

    A dachshund chewing on the chew toy

    Promising review: "My dachshund destroys every toy she gets. We tried everything and these dog toys by Petstages are her absolute favorites and last the longest. They have two different squeakers that make their unique sound. Whenever she does finally rip them apart, stuffing doesn't go everywhere. This is probably her ninth toy like this over the years. Highly recommend!" —mattbakerrr

    Price: $6.39

    26. A portable muddy paw cleaner, because it's a universally acknowledged truth that dogs like to get their paws dirty and then run all over the house. Simply plunge each paw into the cup, allow the soft bristles to clean away the dirt, then dump the water when you're done.

    The paw before, during, and after it was cleaned by the paw plunger, showing most of the dirt gone

    Promising review: "We live in a 1,000-square-foot apartment with hardwood floors in downtown Chicago, and our two 35-pound springer spaniels go outside six or more times each day, for exercise and to 'do their duty.' We've grown weary of them tracking dirt, salt, etc., all over the place. We've tried everything, but wiping their paws only dries them, but does nothing to clean. This thing really works! First of all, the Paw Plunger has an 'aperture' seal on the top, that keeps most of the water inside the receptacle. Secondly, it has scrubby brushes inside to remove grit, salt, dirt, etc. Thirdly, the handle on the side is very useful - instead of just dipping a dirty paw into a bucket of water, something that even the most chillaxin' pooch might have a problem with, you just hold the dog's paw and leg stationary, and move the Paw Plunger up and down via the handle. Genius!" —Dennis M.

    Get it on Amazon for $19.99

    27. A nail grinding and grooming tool for the pet whose biggest enemy is the nail clippers. With two rotation speeds, this tool can quickly grind down your pet's talons with little to no stress for you or your fur baby.

    A labradoodle waiting to have its nails trimmed by the tool

    Promising review: "I have tried almost everything and am very happy to say I've had the best luck with this one!!! Thank goodness. She actually lets me use this longer than a minute! I only do three to five seconds at a time per nail. She doesn't pull away which is huge progress! I have arthritis so gripping certain items are difficult but this is WAY easy for me. Very comfortable to use." —Stephanie Grant

    Price: $23.99

    28. A ultra soft microfiber pet towel so you can quickly dry off a pupper that's been in the rain and avoid the stench of wet dog for the rest of the day.

    Two dogs wrapped in the pet towel

    Promising review: "BEST DOG TOWELS EVER!! I tried everything and finally don’t need 10 towels to dry my dogs because these things *actually* do their job!! Plus, my husband is super excited to now be able to tell the difference between his gym towels and the dog towels. 😅" —Caitlin

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99 (available in twelve colors)

    29. An odor eliminator that'll turn your room from smelling like a litter box to a room filled with fresh oranges.

    Promising review: "The sellers are fantastic. I ordered a bottle of the orange and the first time I used it the sprayer broke. I contacted the sellers and instead of just sending me a new sprayer they sent me a new bottle of the orange with a new sprayer. All within five days. The product is wonderful. I've had one bad spot of dog urine for a year, I tried everything I could find on the internet to rid the odor. Once I got orange I mixed 3 tablespoons with water in a 32-oz sprayer and sprayed about 4 oz on my problem spot and the odor is completely gone. Orange is not a 'carpet cleaner' but I added 2 tablespoons to my carpet shampooer along with the cleaner and shampooed the carpet and it smells so fresh. Love this stuff." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $20.97+

    30. A dog nail clipper and trimmer with a safety guard so you dont over-cut your pet's nails.

    Reviewer's picture of dog with long nails and then manageable nails

    Promising review: "We bought these nail trimmers for my very nervous, split prone jack, Lilly. We have tried everything. We've tried dozens of nail clippers (these would split her nails and often would not cut all the way through the first time) , a Dremel (very noisy and stressful for LilIy), more frequent walks on the pavement, and groomers (expensive and her nails would still get split). These are the only clippers that I have found that cuts through the nail without effort and does not split her nails. The nail guard is very convenient and I don't have to worry so much about cutting her quick. Her nails are very long now so I'm following the instructions and cutting just a little bit off each week to let the quick recede. I am very happy with this purchase. It has certainly made my life easier and Lilly doesn't seem to mind getting her nails clipped as much the process is now much smoother and painless." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $13.99

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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