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    31 On-Trend Things From Target That’ll Help You Enter Spring In Style

    Because it's time to brighten up your mood and wardrobe with sunny days and fresh clothes and accessories.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A floral crewneck embroidered cropped sweater that's perfect for early morning errands when the winter chill is still lingering around.

    Model in floral crewneck embroidered cropped sweater

    2. A pair of faux fur slides because faux fur isn't just for winter anymore.

    Faux fur slides

    3. A puff short sleeve dress that'll add a punch to your gray winter wardrobe and keep you well-dressed on warmer days.

    Model in short sleeve puff dress

    4. A satin face mask that's breathable and lightweight, perfect for when you have to step outside in the warmer temperatures.

    satin face mask

    5. A pair of ultra-high rise wide leg cropped jeans because it's finally time to put away the skinny jeans that are so last year. All you'll need is a middle part and you'll be caught up with Gen Z style trends.

    Model in ultra-high rise wide leg cropped jeans

    6. A tie-dye cloth jacket that's worth every penny. It's sporty, casual, and stylish for your weekend agenda.

    Model in blue tie dye cloth jacket

    7. A pair of crystal surfer shade sunglasses that'll not only brighten your day, but do the same for everyone around you — whether it's your fam and roommates or people on the street.

    pink sunglasses

    8. A short sleeve rib T-shirt to go with everything in your spring wardrobe. Pair it with your blazers, distressed jeans, or a pleated skirt for the perfect spring outfit.

    Model in short sleeve rib tshirt

    9. A sleeveless cropped jumpsuit that's the perfect comfy attire for this season when the temperature is ~jumping~ up and down all over the place.

    Model in sleeveless cropped jumpsuit

    10. A side cinched T-shirt so comfy you'll be thinking "where have you been all my life?" Perfect for when you don't know what to wear and you need to get ready in a pinch.

    Model in side cinches t-shirt

    11. A knotted cross-body bag that'll fit everything you want to tote around in style. Plus, there's a cell phone pocket inside so you never have to fish around the bottom of your bag to answer the phone again.

    Knotted crossbody bag

    12. A puff sleeve T-shirt you'll want to wear for all your Zoom meetings. It has a fun, spring pattern on the shoulders that makes it look like a fancier version of your basic white tee.

    Model in puff sleeve tshirt

    13. A set of pearl stretch bracelets that'll add a little bling to your look. You can wear them separately or stack them together to create the perfectly curated wrist game.

    Pearl stretch bracelets

    14. A striped tiered dress that makes a formal pinstripe print look both casual and chic. The tiers add a little volume to the dress and it's made of a breathable cotton material, making it a great dress for spring.

    Model in striped tiered dress

    15. A high-rise tie-waist denim mini skirt so you can pair it with your favorite crop top and slides for a fresh spring outfit.

    Model in high-rise tie-waist denim mini skirt

    16. A sleeveless dress you'll be ~dye-ing~ to wear all spring. Dress it up with heels or down with a cool pair of kicks.

    Model in yellow tie dye sleeveless dress

    17. A linked necklace with an eye-catching gold finish to add a little shine and polish to every outfit.

    Linked necklace

    18. A ruffle tiered sleeveless dress you'll want to wear every day because it's so comfortable.

    Model in white sleeveless tiered dress

    19. A long sleeve wrap dress with sleeves, so you'll be ready for spring's wacky weather. If it's breezy, warm, and overcast, this floral number has you covered.

    Model in blue floral long sleeve wrap dress

    20. A slip dress that is chic without even trying. Its effortless silhouette screams fashionable and modern.

    Model in green slip dress

    21. A pair of braided sandals with a thick rubber sole, so you can wear them comfortably all day, every day.

    Black braided sandals

    22. A ruffle short sleeve A-line dress that screams big spring energy — the bold color especially gives it an extra something something.

    Model in ruffle short sleeve dress

    23. A pleated gingham neckerchief that'll instantly brighten up your square on your Zoom meetings.

    gingham neckerchief

    24. A floral print puff elbow sleeve A-line dress so chic, your wardrobe will be ~blooming~ with color from March to June.

    Model in floral print puff elbow sleeve a-line dress

    25. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses that truly makes a statement – a statement that you're ready to put 2020 and the freezing temperatures of winter behind you.

    Cateye sunglasses

    26. A sleeveless smocked jumpsuit that's the perfect transitional piece for spring. Plus, it's as comfy as the leggings you've been wearing all winter.

    Model in sleeveless smocked jumpsuit

    27. A denim trucker jacket because it's still breezy outside and not tank top weather yet. It'll go with basically everything in your closet.

    Model in denim trucker jacket

    28. A tiered A-line midi skirt because you need a skirt for spring that looks equally as good with a blouse and heels as it does a plain white T-shirt and kicks.

    Model in tiered a-line midi skirt

    29. A button-front quilted jacket for those days when it doesn't quiet feel like spring yet, but isn't as cold as winter. The light color pairs perfectly with all of the spring pastels in your wardrobe.

    Model in button front quilted jacket

    30. A floppy hat to block the sun and will make you feel extra chic when you put it on. Trust me.

    Floppy hat

    31. A midi pleated A-line skirt because it's only kind to give your sweatpants a break. This beautiful skirt has an elastic waistband so you don't need to sacrifice any comfort.

    Model in midi pleated a-line skirt

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