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    31 Pieces Of Loungewear Under $50 From Target That Look Surprisingly Put-Together

    Because you would be lying to yourself if you didn't have a drawer of ~fancy~ loungewear.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. An oversized "Aspen" sweatshirt for when you're feeling like a getaway from the comfort of your couch. Light the fireplace, pour a hot toddy and it's almost like you're aprés skiing, without having to travel.

    model in light blue pullover that reads "Aspen"

    2. A pair of sleek high-waisted bike shorts you'll probably never want to take off. The softness, the comfiness, the versatility — sign me up!

    model in camo bike shorts

    3. A sleek bralette that unlike a full-coverage sports bra, you'll actually want to show off.

    model in black bralette

    4. A half-zip sherpa pullover sweatshirt so perfect for lounging around and being lazy, but also the perfect sweatshirt to toss over your PJs when you have a last minute Zoom meeting pop up.

    model wearing yellow and black fleece

    5. A fleece twist-front crewneck pullover that will instantly become a staple in your WFH uniform. No need to pull and tug at the arms anxiously during a stressful meeting — there are built-in thumbholes so the sweatshirt is basically holding your hand during your presentation.

    model in pink top

    6. A pair of high-waisted leggings so cute, you'll forget that you've been wearing leggings every day for the past eleven months.

    model in leopard leggings

    7. A pair of mid-rise, snakeskin print jogger pants for when you want to take a walk on the wild side.

    model in blue gray and black pants

    8. A V-neck bra that'll basically feel like second skin. Even if you hate wearing bras, you'll feel comfortable and supported in this one.

    Model in pink v-neck bra

    9. A cropped hoodie that's going to be your go-to piece of loungewear. The cropped, boxy style lets you show a little skin, without being too tight and restrictive.

    Model in green cropped hoodie and zebra print skirt

    10. A pair of ponte shaping leggings, because even when you're lounging at home, you might feel like a little extra support.

    Model in black shaping leggings

    11. A cozy tie-dye long sleeve and leggings set that was basically made for napping and lounging around the house all weekend in style. You can easily swap your leggings for some high-waisted jeans for an easy cute and comfy errands look.

    model in tie dye pajama set

    12. A quarter-zip, high-neck pullover sweatshirt that has a collar, so basically it's the formalwear of loungewear.

    Model in Quarter Zip-Up High Neck Pullover Sweatshirt in yellow colorblock

    13. A long-sleeve shirt that'll pair perfectly with a takeout, a glass of wine and your favorite sweatpants on a Saturday night.

    model in teal long sleeve shirt

    14. A pair of Skechers performance athletic shoes to wear whether you're talking a quick stroll around the neighborhood or for an actual workout. The lightweight design and breathable mesh fabric make these shoes a winning choice.

    The mint sneaker

    15. A water-resistant rain jacket so you can pull up the hood, snap it shut, and hide inside!

    red rain jacket

    16. A pair of cozy wide leg lounge pants, because who said your comfiest pants have to be oversized sweatpants with your college's name running down the side of the leg? These sweatpants are both cute and comfy.

    Model in wide leg lounge pants

    17. A lace trim camisole that's a bit dressier than your plain old sports bra.

    Model in lace trim camisole

    18. A short-sleeve shirt, because sometimes you need a nice white tee for days when you want to look put together but relaxed at the same time.

    Model in white short sleeve shirt

    19. A pair of stretchy wide leg pants for days you want to look like you got dressed up, but still want to feel like you're wearing sweatpants. The elastic band makes these the ultimate comfort pants.

    Model in black stretch wide leg pants

    20. A stretch skort you can easily rock on the tennis courts and then quickly transition to a ~virtual~ brunch with your babes.

    Model in stretch skort

    21. A snap front cozy sherpa pullover that's so perfect for lounging around and being lazy, but also cute enough for grabbing takeout from your favorite restaurant.

    Model in snap front cozy sherpa pullover

    22. A tank top that was made for layering! You'll be able to wear it all winter under cozy cardigans, and then show it off on its own in the summer.

    model in white tank

    23. A fleece sweatshirt that's relaxed and comfy, but you can easily give it the French tuck (i.e., tucking in a shirt at the front and letting it remain long in the back) to up the fashion factor.

    Model in fleece sweatshirt

    24. A short sleeve jumpsuit perfect for checking everything off your to-do list. From catching up on the latest season of The Sinner to a grocery store run, you'll be doing it all in comfort and style.

    25. A long-sleeve shirt that was basically made for napping and lounging around the house all weekend (don't mind if we do).

    Model in long sleeve shirt

    26. A sherpa full zip jacket sure to become the new favorite layering piece in your closet. Plus, it has thumb holes, which make this feel super warm and chic.

    Model in sherpa jacket

    27. A high-top sneaker perfect for a morning walk or errands.

    High-top sneaker

    28. A long-sleeved tee with side-cinch detail, because it has a little extra flair than your regular shirts but it's just as versatile. Sounds like a win-win!

    Model in long sleeve top with side cinch detail

    29. An anorak jacket that'll be the only jacket you'll ever want to wear again. It's roomy enough to layer over sweaters for winter and is the perfect weight jacket for spring.

    Model in green anorak jacket

    30. Ultra high-waisted leggings that'll go with any top, from an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie to a crop top or tunic.

    Model in ultra high waisted leggings

    31. A low-support seamless bra in a vibrant color. You can do yoga in it, watch Netflix in it, or throw on a denim jacket and go for a walk. Comfort + versatility = count me in!

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