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    31 Pieces Of Clothing That Might Make You Think "Damn That's Cute, Walmart"

    Because you don't need to empty your bank account for your wardrobe to be on fire.

    1. A Scoop denim jumpsuit you can play in all day long.

    a model in a light blue denim jumpsuit

    2. A drapey faux suede jacket that'll become your new favorite lightweight jacket.

    a model in the jacket

    3. A neon color block one-piece swimsuit, because summer will still be going strong for a bit.

    a model in a bathing suit where the top left is hot pink, the top right is neon yellow, and the bottom portion is black

    4. A pair of Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. wide leg pull on cropped pants, for anyone who loves an elastic waistband.

    a model in blue linen pants with vertical white stripes

    5. A long sleeve smocked tiered dress that'll be as comfortable as your favorite pair of sweatpants.

    the dress in red with a slight white pattern on it

    6. A boyfriend cardigan with asymmetrical buttons that most definitely won't be found in your grandmother's closet.

    the cardigan in white

    7. A cable knit cowl neck sweater that is bold and vibrant and will be the pop of color your fall wardrobe is craving.

    the sweater in bright pink

    8. A pair of Levi's 711 skinny ankle jeans because they'll go with just about everything in your closet.

    the jeans with distress marks throughout

    9. A quilted tunic jacket so cute it won't matter what you're wearing underneath.

    the jacket in white

    10. A square neck bodysuit that'll be the base of every outfit you wear this fall.

    a model in the body suit in turquoise green

    11. A ribbed cami bra, the most comfortable item you'll add to your wardrobe. Wear it lounging around or layered under a blazer for a more elevated look.

    a model in the pink and white tie dye cami

    12. A Warner Bros. Friends long sleeve pajama top, because can you really ever have enough Friends' apparel and comfy tops?

    a navy blue long sleeve top with the friends tv show logo on it

    13. A mid-rise track pant that'll be the only thing you'll want to wear when you're lounging at home or on the go.

    wide leg black pants with a red stripe down the side

    14. A bandeau ruffle one-shoulder two-piece swimsuit you can count on to look equally as good on the beach as it does with a pair of high waisted pants.

    the ruffled one shoulder top in coral

    15. A ribbed button front off-the-shoulder top that'll look both sweet and sexy.

    the ribbed off the shoulder top with buttons down the middle in forest green

    16. A button front printed midi skirt so vibrant, it will brighten everyone's day.

    the skirt in an array of bright colors and vertical stripes

    17. A smocked peasant blouse that can easily be dressed up or down.

    the shirt in white with blue small florals all over it

    18. A graphic tee because even if your French Riviera vacation was cancelled, a girl can dream.

    a white t-shirt with the words je t' aime in pink outlined letters

    19. A fun pair of seven-eighths camo-printed leggings so cute they might just make you want to workout.

    the leggings in purple camo

    20. A long-sleeve collared button front denim dress that'll scream "boss" whenever you wear it.

    the dress

    21. A short-sleeve tiered dress that is most definitely going to be in your weekly rotation for Zoom meetings.

    a model in the dress with an allover pink and purple floral pattern

    22. A star pajama set that was made for posting a "lounging at home selfie."

    a model in the pajama set which is blue and covered in white stars

    23. A pair of super high rise paperbag shorts with belt purse attached, because everyone should have a pair of white shorts complete with a pouch for their essentials.

    the shorts

    24. A V-neck batik tank top chemise, since your night time apparel might as well be cute and comfy.

    a model in a blue and white paisley print dress

    25. An open coatigan anyone would agree is what oversized jacket dreams are made of.

    the coatigan in pink

    26. An off-the-shoulder trumpet dress – it'll be exactly what you want to wear to your next socially distanced date.

    a model in the dress in yellow with tiny florals on it in orange

    27. A Champion all over cropped tee all of the cool kids will be wearing this fall.

    the cropped tee in purple with the champion logo all over it in green

    28. A button-down dress with belt that'll leave you looking super chic and will have you ready for when you return to an office.

    a model in the dress in tan

    29. A long-sleeve tunic hoodie with puffed sleeves that'll make you seem trendy in addition and an over-sized fit to ensure you'll be super comfortable.

    a model in the hoodie in grey

    30. A one-piece reversible print and metallic foil swimsuit, that will save you space when you're packing for your next vacation.

    a model in the bathing suit which is white and blue acid washed

    31. A leopard print sweater, so you can feel like you're out in the wild, when you're really relaxing at home.

    a model in the leopard print sweater in light blue with black and white spots

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