15 Tranquil Songs You Need In Your Life

*Disclaimer* Some of these songs aren’t that tranquil (like actually not at all), but they’re still AMAZING! Enjoy.

1. Vicktor Taiwò - Kiss You Cover

Seriously the 1D boys are awesome, but Vicktor’s raspy voice adds a sexiness to this song that the original version doesn’t have.

2. SOHN - Bloodflows

So tranquil!

3. Rhye- Open

A bit of funk in the beat. Similar to Quadron, but Ryhe’s voice is absolutely stunning and super smooth.

4. RY X-Berlin

I just contemplate my whole life when I hear this song. It makes me want to quit school and go live in nature. I don’t really know why I react this way to this song, but ummm yeah it’s super good.

5. VV Brown- Substitute For Love

I feel like people just forgot about VV Brown after Shark in the water, but her voice is breathtaking. ^ Example A

6. Chet Faker- No Diggity

I love how chill this cover is. The original song is super chill but this is like 100 times more chill. (Note to self: find synonym for chill )

7. Say Lou Lou - Maybe You

Ahhh this song is refreshing. Say Lou Lou’s harmonies are killer.

8. FKA Twigs - Ultraviolet

FKA Twigs’ voice is RIDICULOUS! It so gentle. Gotta love her.

Sidenote: This is one of the less tranquil songs on this list.

9. Josef Salvat - Hustler

10. Yuna - Someone Who Can

I know Yuna has a handful of tranquil songs and this is not one of them, but this song has such good lyrics and I relate so hard!!! Anyways, Yuna has an angelic voice and I love her so she had to be on this list.

11. Sampha - Can’t Get Close

SAMPHA! Go listen to his EP Dual! DO IT RIGHT NOW! This guy is incredible. he also has some really great colabs ith SBTRKT, DRAKE, Little Dragons etc

12. BANKS - Bedroom Wall

Definitely one of my best music discoveries in 2013. BANKS is dopeness personified. Super soothing voice.

13. Half Moon Run - Call Me in the Afternoon

Really folky. Love, love, love.

14. Delilah - Inside My Love

Love this remake of Minnie Riperton’s song. Delilah has a really gorgeous tone.

15. Chlöe Howl - I Wish I Could Tell You

This song is so innocent and sweet and Chlöe Howl just sounds like a darling. I love her and I can’t wait for her to blow up!

That’s all folks. Hope you like this list!

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