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The 10 Most Instagrammable Brunch Spots In Toronto

Words of aesthetically-pleasing brunch wisdom from a true Torontonian.

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Toronto is a pretty cool city. We have the Toronto Raptors, the CN Tower, Drake, the Weeknd, and a nickname that everyone uses except for actual Torontonians. And, as it turns out, we have some pretty great and ~*~*aesthetically pleasing*~*~ brunch spots too! Here are ten of the best restaurants to grab some 'grammable weekend eats while you listen to More Life again, because, you know, #Torannah.

1. Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade / Via

Dubbed as the #1 place to get brunch in the city by Toronto Life (aka my bible), Lady Marmalade has the best and most creative eggs bennies I have ever had, hands down. Nestled in effortlessly cool Leslieville, you'll probably want to take some snaps of the scenery around you too, which won't be difficult as the lineup for Lady Marmalade's brunch is at times upwards of an hour. That's the price you pay for the 'gram, though.

2. Bonjour Brioche

Bonjour Brioche / Via

Only steps away from Lady Marmalade, Bonjour Brioche is another Leslieville restaurant known for its brunches; but, varying from Lady Marmalade, Bonjour Brioche chooses to focus on its bread-based meals instead of its bennies. Bonjour Brioche is a great place to go for some hearty (and pretty!) hangover food, too: I highly recommend its croque madame or baked french toast, both of which are made with house-baked brioche!

3. Colette Grand Cafe

Colette Grand Cafe / Via

Probably one of the most boujie places in Toronto to grab brunch, Colette's b-fast menu has basically every trendy version of breakfast you could want, including smoothie bowls, strawberry tartines, and croque monsieur, described in a delightful mix of both French and English . Also, the Saturday brunch menu is different from the Sunday brunch menu (Sunday brunch is an all-you-care-to-eat, all-inclusive buffet for $54), so you could go both days and get completely different meals (and accompanying Instagram opportunities!). As the prices reflect the superior-quality dining experience, though, you might want to save Colette for a special occasion.

4. Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Mildred's Temple Kitchen / Via

Mildred's Temple Kitchen is universally known as one of the best restaurants in Toronto, period. So naturally, their brunches are phenomenal. Unfortunately, like Lady Marmalade, Mildred's doesn't take brunch reservations, but on their website they recommend you ask to have your name put on the waitlist and enjoy meandering around Liberty Village until they give you a call! Pro tip: get the buttermilk pancakes. Just do it.

5. Cluny Bistro

Cluny Bistro / Via

If you want a similar brunch aesthetic to Colette but are looking for a slightly more laid back dining experience, Cluny Bistro in the Distillery is the perfect choice! Its French-inspired brunch menu brings you options like fried eggs on house-baked baguette, and omelet florentine with spinach Mornay sauce, as well as lighter options such as parfaits and salads. Cluny's location in the Distillery also gives you a great chance to explore some local art galleries and artisan shops, so expect to spend at least half a day enjoying the neighbourhood during your 'grammable brunch!

6. Terroni

Terroni / Via

Known for its fabulous Italian food, Terroni is a great brunch spot if you're leaning more towards lunch than breakfast. A sure way to get a fire brunch pic? Plan a summery brunch on the Terroni Price Street location's rooftop patio: it has great natural lighting and a lovely view of Yonge street!

7. Maha's Egyptian Brunch

Maha's Egyptian Brunch / Via

Touting its menu as "5,000 year old food made 5,000 years later," Maha's Egyptian Brunch takes classic Middle Eastern staples and spins them on their heads. Fan favourites include the Pharaoh's Po' Boy, a Po' Boy sandwich served in a pita slathered in tahina and tomeya, and the Shakshuka egg scramble, served with balady bread and salata balady. If you're looking for an fun way to try amazing food from another culture and want to show your Instagram followers how *~*worldly*~* you are, Maha's Egyptian Brunch is the restaurant for you!

8. Doug McNish's Public Kitchen

Doug McNish's Public Kitchen / Via

Doug McNish's Public Kitchen is a vegan restaurant best known for its surprisingly realistic vegan eggs benedict. If you're willing to leave your foodie comfort zone to try some aesthetically pleasing vegan spins on brunch classics, Doug McNish's is the place for you.

9. Old School

Karen M / Via

Old School is a caricature of the classic (North) American diner, known for its heaping stacks of pancakes and multitude of meats available on its brunch menu (fried chicken, steak, and pulled pork are only a few served with either waffles or eggs!). If your Instagram aesthetic is hurting for some gigantic blueberry pancakes or chicken and waffles, Old School is the charming, retro brunch spot for you! Check out their menu here.

School Bakery & Cafe

School Restaurant / Via Instagram: @schoolresto

A whimsical Liberty Village bakery and restaurant, School turns childhood classics into quirky, creative and 'grammable brunch favourites that will make you miss the days of Pop Tarts, PB&J's, and crazy-sugary cereals. Fan favourites include The Fifth Grader, a classic peanut butter and jam sandwich battered, deep fried, dusted with sugar, and served with a drizzling of maple syrup, and the Krispy Krunchy French Toast, french toast made with, you guessed it, Rice Krispie cereal. Be prepared for an elementary school-level sugar rush!

Now go find your perfect Toronto mimosa-paired meal, and don't forget to ask yourself: if you didn't 'gram it, did you really brunch?

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