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I Discovered Marc Jacob's Personal Instagram, And Now I Want To Be His Friend

Basically just a Marc Jacobs appreciation post.

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Everybody who hasn't been living under a rock for the past few years knows who Marc Jacobs is, but in case you have been, here's a run down: Marc Jacobs is the man who revolutionized incorporating his own personal brand with his fashion line, spraying the world with his now-quintessential cool-girl scent Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and making it fashionable to show off a Marc by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc Jacobs tote unironically. As the world's most unapologetically self-involved and ~*~boujee~*~ tastemaker, I believed that Marc simply couldn't get any cooler, until I stumbled upon his personal Instagram account yesterday, forcing me to re-evaluate every single style choice I've made in the past ten years because he is SO DAMN EFFORTLESSLY COOL. Here's a collection of my favourite gems on Marc's feed, so hopefully he can make you feel as bad about yourself as I do for not being his BFF already.

The one where Marc's wearing a "Make America Marc Again" hat.

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

First of all, he's wearing a "Make America Marc Again" hat. Who's Marc? He is. He's wearing a hat with his own name emblazoned in gold with a hot pink fur coat. Shameless self-promotion just doesn't get any cooler than that. And where does it look like he's sitting? A PRIVATE JET. Marc probably calls it a ~*~pj~*~ too, because private jets are everyday things for him, you know? #Goals.

The one where Marc's just taking a quick selfie with his dog, Neville.

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

So casual. So spontaneous. Did I mention Neville Jacobs has 200k followers on his own Instagram account, which is verified? Oh, or that Neville was featured in last month's issue of Paper Magazine? I'm pretty sure my dog ate a copy of Paper once, if that's the same thing... It's not, is it?

The one where Marc is just hanging around with his pal Gigi Hadid.

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

And they even matched accidentally. You and your BFF will never be on this level, sweetie.

The one where Marc is dressed up in drag as a female bodybuilder for Halloween.

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

Because Marc does nothing halfway, he even brought a Chanel purse that perfectly matched his earrings to his Halloween party. We know those hoops are real gold, too. Marc would settle for nothing less.

The one where Marc has a casual smoke in his army-patterned fitted cap, lounging on a private jet yet again.

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

Marc! Smoking kills! And it's going to stink up the place! Do you know how hard it would be to clean a smoke smell out of a private jet???? Probably super hard!!!!! Do you know who cares? Not Marc. This photo is the definition of fashionable apathy. (Don't worry Marc, I'll do the stressing for the both of us.)

The one where Marc is striking a pose with the It Girl du jour, Hari Nef.

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

He looks like a mix between a 1920's mob boss and a really supportive father. We're all jealous of you, Hari.

And finally, the one where he's rocking higher platforms than I could ever wish to wear without falling over (probably into a dirty puddle of some sort).

Instagram: @themarcjacobs

This particular look was shot by Terry Richardson and published in Gayletter, making it the coolest artistic collaboration ever. Marc also gets brownie points here for looking better in that dress than I look in any dress.

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