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8 Stores With Chic Minimalist Fashion Options

Because no one wants to wear sweaters with tacos on them 24/7, Forever 21.

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It's 2017, and right now nothing is more fashionable than minimalist streetstyle. Colour blocking, groutfits (aka fully grey outfits), patternless tracksuits, and plain t-shirts fill the social media feeds of every stylish celebrity and Instagram influencer, leaving a lot of mere mortals like you and me wondering where we can get our hands on some effortlessly simplistic and cool fashion that doesn't break the bank. Well, wonder no more! Here are eight of the best minimalist brands and stores I've found in my hours of online and field (aka the mall) research, so you too can have the perfect on-trend #ootd.

1. Oak + Fort

Oak + Fort / Via

Oak + Fort seriously embraces androgynous minimalism, making it a great place to shop for loose and flowy pants and blouses that will make you look like a million bucks. Looking at their latest collection, you'll notice that Oak + Fort offers almost solely white, navy blue, grey, and cream pieces, because, you know, aesthetics.

2. Wilfred

Wilfred / Aritzia / Via

One of Aritzia's most popular in-house brands, Wilfred is known for having pieces for every body type, fashion prerogative, and age. (Seriously, my mother and I often swap around our Wilfred blouses and sweaters, and we both rock them!) If you're looking for minimalist pieces with more character than the boxy sweaters found at Oak + Fort, you can check out Wilfred's latest collection here. I particularly love the Durée dress in lilac fog.

3. Kit and Ace

Kit and Ace / Via

A label that totes itself as being designed for the active professional, Kit and Ace has minimalist, comfortable fashion in the bag. Although accompanied by a slightly higher price tag than Oak + Fort or Wilfred, Kit and Ace sells beautifully made closet staples (like the At Long Last dress, pictured above) that you will want to wear every single day. Check out their women's collection here.

4. AllSaints

AllSaints / Via

Although better known for their leather (and damn are their leather jackets spectacular), AllSaints has great minimalist t-shirt, blouse, and dress options, not to mention some uber-cool jeans and skirts that basically beg to be 'grammed. Be prepared to want to buy a motorcycle after shopping here!

5. Zara

Zara / Via

Zara is always a great option for affordable yet stylish clothing, so it comes as no surprise that they offer a wide range of minimalist options! If you're looking for a neutral yet feminine blouse or an inexpensive plain t-shirt, Zara is the place to go. Touting their commitment to affordable minimalist streetstyle, they even made this totally rad SS 2017 campaign video.

6. H&M

H&M / Via

Because you can't talk about Zara without bringing up H&M, the OG fast fashion empire, I needed to mention H&M's amazing (and inexpensive!) minimalist pieces at some point during this article. Known for their not-forever-wear, H&M's basics / minimalist options are usually uber-affordable, like this very trendy off-the-shoulder dress that will only set you back about $30 CAD. Take a look at their new arrivals section here, which is teeming with funky minimalist options that will land you in at least one fashion blog's street style section.

7. Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor / Via

An elegantly cool Montreal-based brand, Ursa Minor specializes in utilizing fabrics and textures, not patterns, to make their pieces stand out. Each of their collections exudes a minimalist, ahead-of-the-trends feel that will make you feel and look like the fashion blogger you were destined to be! My favourite piece from their latest collection is this acid-wash denim-coloured jumpsuit.

8. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville / Via

A big misconception about Brandy Melville is that everything you buy there will either be a band tee featuring some metal or hair band from the 1970's you'll never actually want to listen to, or will have some sort of "love you to the moon and back"-esque quote printed somewhere on it. Totally not true! Brandy Melville is a really great retailer for affordable minimalist options, and even has a Basics page on their website to streamline your shopping process. Brandy is known for their one size fits all policy, making it super easy to shop online for your favourite looks, too!

So there you have it: eight of the coolest stores and brands I could find that offer minimalist, cool-girl clothing at normal people prices! Now go buy a trendy minimalist outfit and get mistaken for an off-duty model or Instagram pseudo-celebrity.



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