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10 Prom Suits For Girls And Where To Get Them

Say no to the dress.

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With prom season coming up, there are countless website, magazine, and blog articles dedicated to helping teenage girls navigate dress codes and societal conventions in order to choose a prom dress that a) they like, b) "flatters their figure" (a.k.a you can't wear anything low-cut or slitted if you're a girl with larger breasts or hips: cue eye roll) and c) won't get them kicked out of prom. When I went to prom last year, I skipped all of the can-I-or-can't-I-wear-this-dress rigamarole and bought a suit. I looked great AND had a great time, free from condescending remarks from teachers about my body! Here are 10 of the best female suit options hand picked by yours truly, so you can cheat the dress code system like I did. If you can't join 'em, beat em! / Via

Me (on the right, obvi) and my cool-ass BFF/prom date looking phresh at our pre-prom party.

1. Ted Baker

Ted Baker / Via

Call me biased, because Ted Baker is my absolute favourite designer ever, but they have some amazing suits for women. The cool thing about Ted Baker is that their seasonal lines are extremely cohesive, meaning you could very easily pick out a matching blazer, blouse, and suit pants from a variety of different options in the store. My prom suit was Ted Baker, and I didn't even wear a blouse underneath it: I wore a matching t-shirt! Fashion AND comfort. Bam.

2. BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria / Via

First of all, LOOK AT THIS JACKET!!! It screams sexy Bond villian, imo. BCBG Max Azria is similar to Ted Baker where you can basically mix and match a lot of their pieces, but this designer differs in its pant cut, which is longer and more loose than Ted Baker, and their blouses, which tend to be less patterned, and more flowy (think lots of peplum-cut and ruffled blouses).

3. Club Monaco

Club Monaco / Via

OK, I'm just posting these pants because Club Monaco has lots of blazers (see here and here), but LOOK AT THESE PANTS!!!!!! HOW DOPE ARE THEY? If I could do prom round 2, you know I would be showing up in these, a black blazer, a basic black blouse, and some sexy black pumps, and I would look like a total bad-ass motherf*cker. I could see this outfit winning Best Dressed at prom, any day.

4. Banana Republic

Banana Republic / Via

And how could I talk about Club Monaco without mentioning its younger (and more reasonably priced for all y'all on a part time job salary HOLLA) cousin, Banana Republic? You may think that Banana Republic exists solely to provide frat bros with those blush pink coloured shorts that accent their sperrys so well, but no, my friend: BR actually has a large and diverse collection of women's suit sets! You can even find a matching gingham dress pant to the blazer above if you want to make a bold statement (the two pieces together only cost $339 + tax CAD).

5. Sak's Fifth Avenue

Sak's Fifth Avenue / Alexander McQueen / Via

I'm adding this one because it's a good compromise between Canada's The Bay and America's Bloomingdales, because there are Sak's locations in both countries. Sak's is a really choice for gals who want to wear a suit, but want to remain relatively understated (maybe you have a bold choice of shoes you want people to notice! Maybe you're going to try a bomb new makeup look! If you're straight, maybe you don't want everyone to think you're turning prom into your personal coming out party! You do you).

DISCLAIMER: if you buy a full suit from Sak's, don't let the price tag make your jaw drop. Just remember that most prom dresses sell for similar prices to suits, AND you can wear your suit for more occasions than just prom! Really, you're making a better wardrobe investment than by buying a prom dress. I also used the Alexander McQueen example from Saks because I'm a boujee bitch.

6. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss / The Bay / Via

I was actually really surprised to find out that Hugo Boss sold women's suits, but my mum's girlfriend & certified suit lover swears by them. Like Sak's, Hugo Boss is a great choice for gals who want their look to remain understated, or ladies who are looking for a more masculine fit. And like Sak's again, you can wear these bad boys more than once!

(NOTE: I snagged this pic from The Bay's website to find a good image of a full Hugo Boss suit, but if you go on the Hugo Boss website you'll be able to browse their full range of options!)

7. J. Crew

J. Crew / Via

J. Crew is a great brand if you're looking for a suit that still emphasizes your ~*~femininity~*~. It's also definitely more reasonably priced that some of the suits you'll find at department stores like Sak's. Also look at that mauve colour! Damn girl, you look good!

8. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor / Via

No, I am not your mother. Yes, I am actually eighteen years old. Yes, I am suggesting you shop at Ann Taylor. Here me out: Ann Taylor has some super classic women's suits that aren't going to make you seriously broke. One of my faves is this cream colour suit. Don't be a suit snob.

9. Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda / Via

My love for Scotch & Soda will be eternal, but there is a special place in my heart for their blazers, which always reek of NYC cool girl effortlessness (there's a gold lame blazer from S&S hanging in my closet as I write this). If you're looking for a statement suit, or even a statement blazer to pair with a more lowkey pair of black of navy blue suit trousers, Scotch & Soda is your must-visit shop.

RW & Co / Via

RW & Co is very reasonably priced, and this season they've focused on designing some pretty spectacular patterned women's suits. If you don't want to wear a prom dress, but you also want your outfit to be totally badass, You should take a gander at what RW & Co has to offer. You can shop their suits / workwear here.

So there you go! For all you ladies getting ready for prom in a month or two, know that there are more options for prom than trying to find a perfect dress! With a really great suit, you can side-step all those pesky prom dress guidelines and feel comfortable in your bod, all while looking hot as hell.

And don't forget: when you wear a suit, you're not obligated to wear high heels.



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