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    16 Black Women Inspiring International Moves You Should Be Following In 2021

    Meet the Black women helping more folks relocate overseas in search of a better quality of life.

    1. Roshida Dowe, Exodus Summit (Career-break expert)

    2. Amber C. Edwards (Expat Coach)

    3. Jackie O, The Jackie O Life (Travelling with kids)

    4. Vanessa Kanbi (O.G Ghana relocation expert)

    5. Cinnamon, Driven Spice (Digital nomad life)

    6. Amoya Shante, Single Moms Do (Helping mamas move)

    7. Sienna Brown, Morenas De Espana (Mindset and more)

    8. Marina, The Global Black Girl (Travel meets spirituality)

    9. Chrishan Wright, Blaxit Global (Global community-builder)

    10. Clarice Nelson, Black Expats in Jamaica (Everything Jamrock)

    11. Kimberley Miles, Travel Unapologetically (Supporting single moms)

    12. Mita Carriman, Adventurely + Bajan Nomad Social (Barbados meetups)

    13. Imani Bashir (Travel Writer and Relocation Expert)

    14. Christine Job, Flourish in the Foreign (Relocation podcast)

    15. Adalia Aborisade, Picky Girl Travels (Financing your move)

    16. Sharolyn Wynter, Xpat Chats (Creator of the Xpat app)

    17. Zoe Smith, Conscious Relocation (Caribbean moves)