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    16 Things Anyone Who's Gotten Back With An Ex Knows

    You’ll never be able to erase it, but you can both build from it.

    1. It’s never worth comparing yourself to the people they might have seen during your time apart.

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    No matter how hard it might be, strategically draw a line under it and let it go. After all, they got back with YOU and no amount of agonising about the past is going to change that.

    2. Although it’s fine to demand they remove any incriminating pictures from their phones. / Via

    If they've still got photo evidence of their previous lover as their backgrounds or all over their profiles, you can ask them to delete it without sounding crazy. The aim is to get a fresh start, and you can't do that with an ex lurking over you.

    3. And even though you will inevitably regret deleting all your old pictures together, it was the right thing to do at the time.

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    The hardest thing to do after a breakup is to delete memories, but you were brave enough to take that step, so be proud and don't worry about it – after all, you can have fun taking new ones.

    4. People will ask you how long you’ve been together, and it will be weird.

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    At this point, you might feel an over-whelming urge to pull a face and mutter something about being on a break, but play it cool and shrug it off with a polite "Oh gosh, it must be a while now." Crisis averted.

    5. Meeting their family again might be an agonising thought.

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    Maybe you always felt they never REALLY liked you that much before, but remember this is a chance to start over with them, too. Be yourself, because if that's good enough for your partner then that should be good enough for them.

    6. Giving your own family the reunion news might not be so fun either.

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    There's no point in trying to make your S.O sound all dreamy, because they won't want to hear it – well, not at the start, anyway. You can casually mention you're seeing each other again, but only when you feel it's time. It's fine to take a little while to process it yourself first.

    7. Not to mention getting your friends back on board, which can be tough.

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    They're on your team so they're bound to be a little bit sceptical. Trust them to care about you, and know that in time, if things are working out well for you, they'll come around once they're sure you'e safe and happy.

    8. After all, you can't take back all of those things you said to your mates about why you shouldn't be together. / Via

    They were probably on the frontline of everything that went down before, and you might not care about the time your other half left you in a taxi, but they sure do. The good news is they love you, so if you're happy then that should be enough.

    9. Referencing famous exes who made it work will become your first line of defense. / Via

    Rachel got off the plane for Ross, Noah never stopped loving Allie and Jack drowned for Rose. And that's enough to justify giving it another go, because we all have to believe in our own fairytale.

    10. But then you'll hear your break-up song and feel a heap of anxiety, even though you're coupled up again.

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    Those playlists you created back in the dark days? Those need to be erased. There's no point in wallowing in self pity, and although those tunes may have served a purpose at the time, you don't need that kind of sad reminder, so avoid, avert, and shuffle.

    11. You'll realise that while the break was probably good for you, it doesn't make it any easier to recover from.

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    Sure, taking time apart made you understand how to make it work, but a part of you still wishes the days or months of agonising hadn’t happened. Don't let yourself become bitter, but don't ignore those feelings either. Grow from them.

    12. It will definitely feel worth it when you have sex again and feel like a total pro.

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    You already know what your other half likes, so the awkward conversations just don't have to happen. Comfort is key, n'all that.

    13. Though you have to be careful not to use any of the new tricks you might have learned in your time apart.

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    Even if you now know how to do some impressive moves with your tongue, maybe save it for a few months down then line when you can pass it off as something your friend told you about.

    14. It will probably take you a while to learn to trust each other again.

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    You can't build it back in a day, and it's normal to feel a little resentful, especially if you were the one who was dumped. But being together means you have a support system, and it's always better to talk through your worries with them, rather than bottling it up and letting it get to you.

    15. You should be prepared to find that after everything, it might just not work out.

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    And if it doesn't, at least you tried. Sometimes things just don't work; that's life. Someone out there will be the final piece in your jigsaw, and there's no point in trying over and over to make something fit if it doesn't. Move on with your life and know there's so much more out there.

    16. But if it’s meant to be, as you move forward, your break will become a speck in past.

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    You’ll never be able to erase it, but you can both build from it, and if it works, all those old niggles won't even matter anymore. Chances are you've found your lobster.

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