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12 Reasons To Hire Me For The Editorial Intern Position

I'm dedicated, positive, and love creating buzz-worthy content!

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Hi! I’m Zoe. I’m a rising junior at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where my concentration is in journalism and food theory. I really, really, *really* want to work at BuzzFeed as an Editorial Intern this fall. I thought I’d comprise some reasons why I’d be perfect for the job because, let’s be honest, cover letters can be boring.

2. ...Although my prior experience is mainly in food writing, I’m enthusiastic about creating original, engaging, and funny content.

3. I'm a pop culture nerd.

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Between my Bachelor(ette) knowledge (I know my Ben H. from my Ben Z from my Ben F.!), extensive repertoire of Taylor Swift lyrics, and proficiency with ~trendy~ Instagram foods, I’ve got you covered on the pop culture front.

4. I'm an extremely hard worker.


Whether I’m writing an article or getting coffee for the office, you’ll never find me slacking off. I approach projects with tenacity, motivation, and positivity - weightlifting included (LOL JK).

6. I'm a good arm rest.

Hayley Aaronson

I’m 4’10”. Not only does that tend to make me relatively memorable but, more than anything else, my head is a good armrest if your arms get tired. Intern duties, I suppose!

10. I'm a good team player.

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Since I’m too small to be a professional football player (oh well, go Hawks!), I exercise my teamwork skills in other ways. Gaining new perspectives in order to solve problems in the workplace and classroom are important to me.

12. And I'm passionate about BuzzFeed!

Creating relatable and easily shareable content in a fun and welcoming environment is not only something I do have experience with, but something I'd like to continue doing at BuzzFeed. I hope you enjoy my application!

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