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Strange McDonald Meals.

McDonalds fare you won't find in most restaurants. Mostly from around the world.

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  • McLobster

    McLobster is a lobster roll available seasonally and only in the Maritime Provinces and Maine.

  • Shrimp burger

    After McDonalds posted a loss in 2002 amid the mad cow disease scare, the company added in 2005 the shrimp burger (Japan).

  • McAloo Tikki and McVeggie

    In India, selling beef is prohibited. The McAloo is made with crispy, spicy potato and vegetable patty, eggless tomato mayo and shredded onion. McVeggie is made with mixed vegetables, peas and spices and vegetarian mayo.

  • Shake shake fries

    Sold in Hong Kong and only available certain times of the year. There's several flavors including: seaweed, French onion, char-grilled and salt & pepper.

  • McPinto

    Made for Costa Rican market. It's served with sour cream and scrambled eggs.

  • Beef Fan-Tastic

    Beef Fan-Tastic is unique to Singapore. The emphasis is on the "fan", which means rice is Mandarin. It's made with sliced beef, grilled onions, lettuce and red cabbage between white rice patties instead of the traditional bun.

  • Kiwiburger

    Sold in New Zealand. It consists of 100% beef patty, Farmer Brown egg, Wattie's beetroot, tomato, lettuce, mainland cheese, onions, tomato sauce and mustard.

  • Gazpacho

    Cold, tomato based, raw vegetable soup.

  • McSpam

    Made for Hawaiian market.

  • McRuis

    Made for the Finnish and Swedish McDonalds. Burger made with rye bun.

  • Mc Poutine

    Greasy cheese curds and gravy on fries. Made for Canadian market.

  • Taro pie

    Like an apple pie, but with purple taro inside.

  • Saimin

    In Hawaii, McDonalds serves Saimin, which is a fishy, ramen soup.