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May 2014
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    zmbieshrks4hire commented on What Mind-Blowing Thing Do All Deep Thinkers Need To Read, Watch, Or Listen To?

    The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. Seriously the most mind melding thing I've watched in a while. I am obsessed with it.

    2 months ago

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    zmbieshrks4hire commented on Show Us Your Best Disney Tattoos

    My homage to The Little Mermaid.

    1 year ago

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    zmbieshrks4hire commented on You're Only Allowed To Have Sex If You Get 7/10 In This Pregnancy Quiz

    By implying women can only have sex if they know about and can answer questions about pregnancy is some sexist bullshit. Women choose to get pregnant or not and that shouldn't have anything to do with having or enjoying sex. Fuck you for publishing this shit.

    3 years ago

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    zmbieshrks4hire commented on What Movie Actually Changed Your Life?

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. For all those who have ever been in a bad break up, this movie really puts everything in perspective. It shows how to appreciate and remember the good moments shared when all you want to do is forget everything.

    6 years ago

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