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  • Where To Go In Australia With Much Less Money

    Have you ever thought what it could be like to take pleasure in an whole week of underwater exploring for your holidays? Low priced holidays to Australia are going to provide just that opportunity. You’ve got never experienced underwater exploring as Australia has any place else. It is exciting and stunning to see and do. Though the region has several unusual attractions you might just wind up captivated by the activity under water that you’ll maintain going back for more. The Excellent Barrier Reef can be a hot spot within the country.

  • 20 Beautiful Sea And Boat Scenery

    Today’s photography inspiration post focuses on the captivating beauty of boats. Most of these photos are boats with colorful reflections in the water during a sunny day and some are just resting in the sand.

  • Romantic Getaway On The Bedarra Island

    Located just off the Queensland coast midway between Townsville and Cairns lies Bedarra Island – a part of the Family Group of Islands. The island consists of pristine coral sandy beaches with coves formed by giant granite boulders and fringed with lush green jungle. Bedarra is a continental type island made up of granite boulder formations that rise to moderately high rocky peaks, with steep granite escarpments on the north-easterly and south-easterly aspects.

  • A Synonym For Convenience And Comfort – Hedonist

    Studio Art of Kinetik produces custom luxury wooden yachts. Their latest addition to the collection – “Hedonist” (Hedonist), a synonym for convenience and comfort. This 63-foot yacht has a solid mahogany body and a top speed of 40 knots. It is so clean that no screw or piece of plastic is visible to an outside eye. It seems like Art of Kinetik has a good team of designers, naval architects and engineers.

  • Beneath the Waves

    Photographer Nick Selway lives and works in Hawaii. The photography is a awesome hobby, he engaged in shooting Hawaiian waves. But he takes them in an unusual way, and being directly beneath the waves!

  • Balloon People

    These people have the wrong idea about what bodybuilding is. So instead of doing it the right way, they choose to inflate there body`s. End so, the balloon man have emerged.

  • Under the Starry Sky

    One of the most popular forms of recreation in the world - to get away from civilization, pitch a tent and enjoy nature, sunsets and starry sky.

  • Life Under A Rock

    For over 30 years, Hernandez and his wife Santa Marta de la Cruz and their family lived in the grotto under the stone, which is home to the roof.

  • On The Edge

    Series of spectacular shots, where people are sitting on the very edge of the roof of buildings.

  • Captured in Motion

    Photographer from New York watched young men on the streets, involved in parkour. He was mesmerized by the skill and courage this people have, they who have chosen such a dangerous sport.

  • Madness

    Some people know just to let go and be wild. Some of them go a little bit to far.

  • Norway In All Its Glory

    Pictures of what must be one of the most beautiful countries! In this article, we focus on images taken in Norway by national or international photographers. We have compiled what we think are some of the most amazing pictures, and hope you will like them as well as us.

  • Frogs these days

    Frogs are awesome but there is so much you might not know about them. We’ve collected some of our favourite photos.

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