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8 Stages Of Online Clothes Shopping

It's an emotional roller coaster.

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1. Excitement


This is the honeymoon phase when you don't have a single care in the world. You add EVERYTHING to checkout. 57 items in your virtual shopping bag? Who cares, it's no strain on your shoulder or your pocket!

2. Surprise


You're having a joyous time shopping until you realize -- OH SHOOT, your current total is $1,573. There's no way you can pay for that and you really don't want to part with the handmade wool kimono from Uzbekistan

3. Disgust


You've removed 37 items and you're still way above your budget. Why are clothes for damn expensive, anyway?

4. Frantic


You start to scour the depths of the internet (i.e. google) to see if there are any promo codes on the items you want to buy

5. Sadness


You make another pass at the shopping bag. It's still too full. You're still not a millionaire. Life is horrible. During this time you realize the true magnitude of your actions, that your initial overexcitement is leading to your current pain.

6. Acceptance


You finally get your checkout prices down, and accept that yeah you're a little over budget, but things could be much worse.

7. Joy


You hit purchase and now your about to get a truckload of BRAND NEW STUFF

8. Annoyance


Until you get the bill....

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