Why Every Girl Wanted To Be Kelly Kapowski From “Saved By The Bell”

Tiffani Amber Thiessen is great and all…but Kelly Kapowski is a legend.

12. She dated Zack Morris

11. Oh and A.C. Slater

10. And of course her boss from The Max- Jeff Hunter

9. She had hobbies: cheerleading, swimming, and playing volleyball…to name a few.

8. She still won homecoming queen while covered in a rash.

7. She loved George Michael

6. She got to have her own private prom because she couldn’t afford the real one.

5. She was invited to model in Paris after being a model for one day.

4. Her grandfather conveniently owned a hotel in Hawaii.

3. She was the lead female singer in Zack Attack!

2. She had a brief fling with her dreamy college professor- Professor Lasky

1. And even after all of that, she still got to marry Zack Morris!

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