Where’s Paul Rudd?

A fun game where we find Paul Rudd before he was the Paul Rudd we know and love today. Helping us realize he has been in EVERYTHING since the dawn of film


1. 1995- Our favorite brother/love interest Josh in Clueless


2. 1996- Protagonist and tight pants wearing Paris in Romeo + Juliet


3. 1998- Gay bestie/lover of JenAn in the late-night Lifetime special Object of My Affection.


4. 1999 War hero and victim of adultery- Lt. Wally Worthington in The Cider House Rules


5. 2000- Who can forget his role as the naive and curious Nick Carraway, in the made for TV hit The Great Gatsby.


6. 1, 2 skip a few (years) to his recurring role on Friends as Pheobe’s foolishly charming boyfriend-turned husband: Mike Hannigan from 2002-2004


7. And just incase you forgot who we’ve been talking about…maybe you’ll recognize him from this:

Brian Fantana- Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004


8. Or this…

Dave- 40 Year Old Virgin, 2005


9. Oh come ON obviously this!

Pete- Knocked Up, 2007


10. Whoops probably not that…

Adam- I Could Never Be Your Woman, 2007


11. But definitely from any of these…keep em coming!

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