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Can We Stop F*cking Using Clowns In Everything

Stop trying to f*ck Pennywise

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Hello everyone. I'm just your average 22 year old girl. today I come forward with something to say. Clowns are terrifying and need to be retired indefinitely.

Let's rewind back a few years in the AHS history. Season 4.


I 100% blame Ryan Murphy for reawakening the public's love for killer clowns. I will admit, Twisty was a little misunderstood. But he's still a murderous clown, who really thinks that's fun?

Now back to today....since the new season of AHS was revealed, and then the announcement of IT...Clowns have been E V E R Y W H E R E.


I'm over it. They gotta go.

We're only two episodes into Cult and I have just about HAD IT with them

Can y'all leave Sarah Paulson alone?! She's already had enough to deal with. She's a nervous wreck stop popping up at every corner. (Me: Sarah, All of you: Evan)

The movie version of IT....someone give me Stephen King's location, I just wanna talk.


Now, I saw the TV miniseries of IT that came out in the 90's. I'd like to let you know I'm still scarred.

Since these two releases all I've seen are posts about how hot Pennywise (well...Bill Skarsgard is) and how people are excited about clowns being back on AHS.


I'll give you guys that one. Bill is hot (I'm more partial to Alexander Skarsgard though). guys are just gonna bypass him as a creepy clown...really?

What's the hype? I truly don't get it. Murderous, creepy clowns?


Aren't clowns supposed to be fun and innocent. Like the memories of my second birthday party are just ruined.

I'm actually mad that I've been searching for these gifs. So to sum all of this up.



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