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13 Reasons Why You Totally Deserve To Treat Yo Self

Because you are awesome and you deserve a reward for the little things in life! For more great tips, head over to Ziploc® Fresh 180°™ to discover creative ways to live a healthier life and, most importantly, ways to TREAT YO SELF!

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1. Because you got up after hitting the snooze button only once! ONCE!

2. Because tonight you got home in time to actually MAKE a healthy dinner.

3. Because you actually found an activity to keep your beautiful yet energetic child busy for a bit.

4. Because you FINALLY got around to washing those jeans of yours.


5. Because you finally got around to sorting the 561 files on your desktop!

6. Because you left your desk and took a much-needed walk during your lunch break!


7. Because you replied to every single text, email, and missed call you got today, which ain't no easy task honey.

8. Because you (GASP) ate a vegetable today, and that is fantastic.

9. Because, instead of marathoning 16 hours of your favorite show, you went to the gym and you feel AMAZING.

10. Your finally got around to organizing that massive pile of clothes known as your closet.

11. Because you finally got around to starting that book that's been collecting dust on your shelf for the better part of a year.

12. Because you made sure to pay your cable bill… SIX days before it was due!

13. Because you spent your downtime making your house so fresh and so clean!

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