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10 Camping Ideas For People Who Don't Camp

OK, so you're not necessarily an "outdoors" person. But you can still have a little fun in the sun! Check out Ziploc® Fresh 180°™ for some more tips on how to spice up your life!

1. Invest in a solar-powered phone charger.

2. Get clever with your toasted marshmallows.

3. Buy some sweet new camping duds.

4. Decorate the outside of your tent to make it homier.

5. Pack a fancy picnic.

6. Get cute with your luggage.

7. Bring linens and blankets from home and set up an air mattress in your tent.

8. Put an old rug down inside your tent.

9. Bring an inflatable movie screen.

10. Or heck, just stay in.

All photo frames by analogophile/(CC BY 2.0)

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