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11 Annoying City Living Problems

Living in a city has its ups and downs. Sure there's great food, shopping and culture, but there are a lot of unpleasantries as well. However, there are ways around it. Buying in bulk and transporting appliances is easy with a Zipcar.

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1. Dodging pigeons.

Billy Hicks / Via

2. Making small talk with cab drivers when you're really not in the mood.

lorna / Via Flickr: lornagrl

3. When you're a block out of the pizza delivery zone, and have to actually leave your apartment to get it.

4. Falling asleep on the train and waking up in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

5. Pushing your way through crowds when you're running late.

Crashworks / Via Flickr: mrcrash

6. Running into your ex and their new significant other on the street (when you of course aren't looking your best).

vonderauvisuals / Via Flickr: vonderauvisuals

7. Missing your train by one second and watching it zoom past you.

Bahi P / Via Flickr: bahi_p

8. Those dreaded two little words that cause you to walk around and around trying to find an ATM.

Bonnie Natko / Via Flickr: bondidwhat

9. Getting stuck in a down pour on your way to something important.

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10. Buying in bulk is impossible.

11. And the most annoying thing of all...a 2 hour wait for brunch?! You could drive to the suburbs in that amount of time.

Basheer Tome / Via Flickr: basheertome