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12 Times The Palestinian Authority Published Anti-Semitic Cartoons.

This is just 12 examples, from hundreds of anti-Semitic cartoons and images in PA-run publications and on PA TV.

4 Reasons You Should Report Anti-Semitism On Campus

ZOA works with students to combat anti-Semitism and hate on campus, including when it’s expressed as anti-Israel or anti-Zionist sentiment that crosses the line into anti-Semitism.

6 Life-Saving Israeli Rescue Missions

El Al, Israel's national airline, plays an important role in humanitarian rescue efforts, airlifting Jews in danger from all over the world to bring them to the Jewish homeland of Israel. El Al even set the world record for the most passengers on a commercial aircraft (single plane record of 1,122 passengers) during Operation Solomon when 14,500 Jewish refugees were transported from Ethiopia in 1991.

11 Reasons Abbas ≠ Peace

Mahmoud Abbas is the current president of the Palestinian Authority. Here’s why he is detrimental to his own people and to the peace process.