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17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

It is not easy to party without rhythm and moves.

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1. The first hour in the club is the worst because you have to dance sober.

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Which means you are still highly aware of every move you make.

2. A cute person comes to dance with you and you don't know what to do.


Can't we just make out already?

3. You copy the dance moves of the person next to you.

4. You only have one move and you stick to it no matter what kind of music is on.

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5. Then they play a popular song and your friends are killing it on the dancefloor, making it more obvious that you are not.

6. The DJ suddenly changes the music just when you had a dance figured out.

7. A song comes up that has a standard dance to it, and you are so grateful.

8. When your friends give you advice on how to dance in the middle of the club.

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So everybody can see that you are an idiot.

9. When you have no sense of rhythm. None.


10. When you confirm all stereotypes.

11. When there is a new dance hype but you just can't make your body do it.

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12. Same goes for workouts that involve dancing.

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13. Whenever there is a mirror involved you have to stop dancing because it is too painful to watch.

14. When it's quiet on the dancefloor and you feel like everybody is watching you.

15. But then the drinks kick in and you start to feel the rhythm...

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16. And suddenly you are one of the best dancers you ever met.


So naturally you're gonna dance on tables and act like a hip-hop star.

17. Until the next day, when your friends are still laughing at you.

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