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    14 More UK YouTubers Who Will Transform Your Hair And Makeup Game

    You wanted some more British beauty gurus? You got it.

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    Ah, the British beauty guru. Heroes to women up and down the country, saviours of smudged makeup and frizzy hair disasters. We've heard your cries to profile more of these makeup goddesses, and we've listened. So here are even more great YouTubers from all over this great country of ours.


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    Subscribers: 245,498

    On Youtube since: August 2010

    Zukreat doesn't describe herself as an "artist of makeup" for nothing. She's got ultra-polished and put-together style, runs her own MUA academy, works on photoshoots for magazines like Asiana, and even has her own line of cosmetics. Her idiot-proof tutorial on eyebrow waxing has over 2 million views, while her cheat's guide to smoky eyes is perfect for beginners.

    The Ravi Osahn

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    Subscribers: 3,003

    On YouTube since: December 2011

    Leeds-based Ravinder is one half of a vlogging power duo – her sister is Raji Osahn of Makeup With Raji. But if you've got acne issues, Ravi is your girl. She's dealt with bad skin since the age of 13 and is a master of flawlessly concealing scars and blemishes. Seriously, her video on how to use skin correctors is a revelation. Her channel also features skincare advice on how to deal with breakouts and Halloween-ready transformation videos, including this Rick Genest-inspired skeleton look.


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    Subscribers: 330,846

    On YouTube since: November 2009

    Yorkshire-born Suzi does a bit of everything: hauls, fashion and lookbooks (check out her insane shoe collection), unboxing videos, relationship advice and travel. But she's great at everyday beauty – just watch her minimal makeup tutorial and check out her take on the Korean trend for just-bitten gradient lips. She's also a master of transforming straight Asian hair into glossy waves and blow-out Farah Fawcett curls.


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    Subscribers: 26,546

    On YouTube since: December 2013

    Anchal is one of the newer vloggers on the block, but the London MAC artist already has Pixiwoo's seal of approval from her winning stint on the Beauty Bootcamp reality show. Her celeb makeup tutorials have covered everyone from Kendall Jenner to Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, but Anchal manages to make even the most complicated A-list looks look fun, appealing and easy to pull off.



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    Subscribers: 231,343

    On YouTube since: November 2006

    Ever had a classy, wisecracking aunt with a wicked sense of humour? That's Amena. Her hijab and makeup game is always on point – you'll find fashion lookbooks, makeup tutorials, and headscarf styling tips on her channel. (She even designs her own line of hooded hijab, or "hoojabs" for short.) Sometimes she even combines those last two, like in this "Quick Makeup and Hoojab Style" video. Plus, she and her husband are adorable together. Leicester for the win!


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    Subscribers: 78,236

    On YouTube since: January 2009

    Nikkita is another MAC makeup artist, and it definitely shows – watching a few of her videos is like hanging out with an especially knowledgeable beauty counter girl. She uses mainly MAC products, so don't go to her for product recs. In the "Contouring & Highlighting" video above, she breaks down Kim K-level kontouring into easy-to-understand steps. So if you've ever wondered how to contour like a pro, put in a lace wig or thread your eyebrows, she's your girl.


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    Subscribers: 2,867,619

    On YouTube since: August 2007

    Bubz (aka Lindy) was one of the OG talents in beauty vlogging. The ever-chirpy Belfast girl created her channel almost a decade ago and has parlayed her fame into her own line of makeup brushes and a T-shirt brand. She's recently had a baby and has eased off posting, but her videos are still gold. Nail art junkies will love her tutorials, and her guide on what your acne says about you – incorporating Eastern and Western facemapping – is one of the most unique takes on skincare I've seen.

    Rouge Rose Petale

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    Subscribers: 12,312

    On YouTube since: February 2014

    Rupinder is all about fast and fresh makeup. Her guides to faking full and thick lashes and the full, defined lips are perfect for beginners who are pressed for time. Most of her beauty tutorials are great for a pretty, everyday look (like this glowy Selena Gomez-inspired look), although she also makes a pretty mean Wednesday Addams. She's recently branched into hair how-tos, including this simple primer on how to boost flat hair.


    The Prince of Vanity

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    Subscribers: 52,283

    On YouTube since: August 2012

    With the exception of Wayne Goss, there really aren't that many male beauty vloggers around. But Marc is bucking that trend in style. His MO is that makeup is fun for everyone, regardless of gender identity – and unique series like His & Hers, where he creates complementary looks for men and women, is a perfect example of that philosophy. He's also one of the few YouTubers who recommends great dupes using products that are available in the UK. Side note: his transformation video for RuPaul Drag Race winner Bianca del Rio deserves some kind of award.


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    Subscribers: Unlisted

    On YouTube since: December 2010

    If you like your eyeshadow explosively bright, you need to check out Rehana. She's got more neon makeup looks than Nicki Minaj on a good day. Best of all, she's a huge fan of budget beauty – barring a few MAC faves, almost every product she recommends clocks in under a tenner, and even her most elaborate looks rely on cheap palettes from brands like Sleek and MUA. Warning: you will seriously consider dyeing your hair blue or pink after watching her videos.


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    Subscribers: 44,216

    On YouTube since: July 2012

    London-based Jules specialises in glamorous and glossy makeup tutorials, like this red carpet ready blue and gold smokey eyeshadow look. But her most helpful (and her most watched) video is this DIY ombre post on how to dip-dye your hair at home – which she usefully shows off with and without extensions in. Jules also frequently collaborates with other vloggers on complementary beauty videos, like this Indian party look with MakeupbyGio.

    Jasmine Yeung

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    Subscribers: 30,926

    On YouTube since: September 2010

    Obsessed with K-pop? Jasmine has your back. The Shropshire-based teenager painstakingly recreates looks from beloved music videos from girl groups like 2NE1 and Girls' Generation. She's even got a series called "K-Lens Breakdown", where she walks viewers through which coloured contact lenses they wear while performing. Non K-pop fans will be most impressed by this exhaustive two-part review of 50 BB creams, and if you're looking to get into Asian products, her guide to online beauty shopping is a must-see.



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    Subscribers: 10,542

    On YouTube since: July 2009

    Shahleena is one beauty guru who doesn't pretend to be perfect – she's like your hilarious, mouthy older sister. While she mainly uploads beauty reviews (including lesser-known brands like Jeffree Star), she also does the occasional tutorial. But what I especially love is her series of lipstick videos which recommend specific shades for Asian women in basically every colour family you can think of. She's done purples, oranges, reds, browns and pinks and nudes so far.

    Kaushal Beauty

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    Subscribers: 556,685

    On YouTube since: July 2010

    The always-gorgeous Kaushal is one of the biggest British YouTubers out there – this Kylie Jenner tutorial has 5 million views and counting! Her series of Indian "Get Ready With Me" videos breaks down her hair and makeup process before heading to family engagements and weddings, and she is seriously creative when it comes to braids. Also, this tutorial on how to style greasy hair has saved my life on more than one occasion.

    Wayne Goss is a make-up artist. An earlier version of this article mentioned Luke Goss.

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