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10 Totally Flawless Dupes For The Naked Palette

All neutral everything.

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1. NYC IndividualEyes Palette in Smokey Blues, £3.99

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: The Individualeyes palette is made for people with blue eyes (though anyone can use it, duh). It's also a solid dupe for at least three popular Naked shades – Half-Baked, Smog and Darkhorse. Its brown matte shade is an OK match for Buck.

Main Difference: NYC includes a primer and illuminator. But be warned, they're basically a dirt trap for any stray powder.

The Verdict: If you're not expecting miracles, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

You Save: £30.05

2. W7 In The Buff Palette in Lightly Toasted, £9.95

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: Um, everything? Pretty much every W7 pigment matches up to one in the Naked palette – they're even ordered in the same way. It also does an amazing job of replicating the creamy, rich texture of Urban Decay shadows.

Main Difference: The W7 palette comes in a metal tin and doesn't have a mirror. Like Urban Decay, it does throw in a double-ended applicator – the stiff brush is great for lining eyes, but the sponge bud is pretty cheap and unimpressive.

The Verdict: Looking for a near-perfect Naked dupe? This is it.

You Save: £27.05


3. Little Mix Eye Love Palette, £2.99

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: Living proof that celeb beauty ranges can be great value for money. The shades lean on the gold side, but the range of colours – from a pale pink to a deep black – is very Naked.

Main Difference: Little Mix is less pigmented and chalkier, so you'll need to use a primer to make this stick. It also doesn't have any matte options and comes in cardboard packaging.

The Verdict: If you're after a dirt-cheap palette you won't feel bad about losing on a night out, this is it.

You Save: £34.01


4. theBalm Nude ‘Tude, £26.50

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: This palette from theBalm has four similar Naked shades, including a spot-on brown matte dupe for Buck. Its deep gold shade (Seductive) doubles up for Smog in a pinch.

Main Difference: Nude 'Tude is slightly more powdery, but it's got great colour pay-off – the darker shades are even more pigmented than Urban Decay. The super girly pin-up packaging might not be to everyone's taste, though.

The Verdict: It's the most expensive palette on here, but still a tenner cheaper than Urban Decay (with some unique shades to boot). Best suited for girls with paler skin, as there are a few lighter shades with cool tones.

You Save: £10.50


5. Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm, £7.99

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: Both palettes feature 12 shades and come with a mirror. The lighter end of Sleek's shades is in the same colour range as the Naked palette, although they tend to be on the lighter side.

Main Difference: A little goes a long way with Sleek. The colours are densely pigmented, so watch out for a fair amount of fallout. The palette also has two unique shades: a gorgeous deep emerald green and a dense midnight blue.

The Verdict: Beauty bloggers rave about Sleek for good reason. The quality of this palette is out of this world for the price.

You Save: £29.01

6. e.l.f. 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Natural, £6.95

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: This mega-palette has six uncanny Naked dupes and even more neutrals to pick from, including some lovely taupes.

Main Difference: The pigmentation is pretty light, so this is best used with a wet brush and primer. Don't get this if you're looking for mattes – you need to really dig in to get the colour out.

The Verdict: One of the best value palettes around (it's about 20p per eyeshadow), with solid options for day and night.

You Save: £30.05


7. MUA 12 Shade Heaven and Earth Palette, £4

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: Heaven and Earth was one of the earliest and most popular Naked dupes around. The shades aren't exact dupes, although a few come pretty close.

Main Difference: MUA has a more diverse range of blendable, shimmery naturals – no mattes here, unfortunately. The colours have great pigmentation for something that costs under a fiver. Make sure to tap your brush before application, though, as eyeshadow fallout is particularly noticeable.

The Verdict: If you're looking for a straight-up dupe, MUA's Undressed palette is your guy (see our review here). But Heaven and Earth makes a pretty fantastic neutrals palette on its own.

You Save: £33


8. Barry M Natural Glow 2 Eyeshadow Palette, £6.49

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: Four out of six Barry M shadows are passable Naked dupes – they're in the same colour family, but are less iridescent and glittery. Both brands are cruelty-free.

Main Difference: Unlike Urban Decay, this doesn't include a black shade that can be double up as eyeliner. The primer included tends to flake, so you'll need to use your own.

The Verdict: Barry M is great if you're looking for a natural everyday look, although its colours definitely favour those with cooler skin tones.

You Save: £30.51


9. NYX Nude On Nude Palette, £25

Zing Tsjeng / BuzzFeed

The Similarities: NYX has 20 shades in a mix of warm and cool tones – its range is unusually diverse for a neutrals palette, so I swatched them all below. Both brands are cruelty-free.

Main Difference: The formulation is pretty chalky and powdery, so watch out for eyeshadow fallout – you definitely need to use a good primer under this. But it has a good range of naturals for everyday use and its plastic packaging is way more travel-friendly than the velvet Urban Decay case. Also: 10 bonus lipgloss options!

The Verdict: Best if you want your palette to do a little bit of everything. It’s worth picking up if you’re in the US – it costs £9 cheaper stateside.

You Save: £12