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27 Things British-Born Chinese People Know To Be True

"But where are you reeeeeally from?"

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2. And "Wow, your English is great!" really isn't a compliment.

Thanks. I grew up here.

3. You get excited every time you see a Chinese person on British TV.


7. Your favourite soap opera sounded like this.

Hollyoaks? Please, give me Princess Pearl any day.


11. Which is why a rice cooker was the best thing your parents ever gave you.

12. You know that this is no ordinary supermarket. It's a glorious food paradise.

Wing Yip: The Asian supermarket that dreams are made of.


13. You've travelled the world.

Hanging out with your cousins in Hong Kong and Taipei counts, right?


21. Christmas has nothing on Chinese New Year.

A holiday where you get cold, hard cash and eat loads of delicious Chinese food? Sorry, Santa.