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    21 Ways Chinese New Year Beats Every Other Holiday

    Come for the food, stay for the firecrackers.

    1. You get an excuse to buy a completely new wardrobe.

    2. Because red packets are Christmas presents without the BS.

    3. Think a three-course meal is fancy?

    4. Christmas lights have nothing on Chinese New Year. / Creative Commons

    So much neon, it'll burn your eyes.

    5. Everyone looks good in red.

    6. Every Chinese New Year dish symbolises good luck. So you're obliged to eat all of it.

    7. Does your favourite holiday include guys who dress up as dancing lions?

    8. And if you really want to know what hell feels like, you can always go to Chinatown.

    9. Feeling peckish? Here, have 10,000 different snacks.

    10. FYI: Nin gou is a million times better than Christmas pudding.

    11. And cherry blossoms are the classy Chinese version of a Christmas tree.

    12. When you're sick of all the food, you can detox with some healthy fruit.

    13. Or some healthy seeds and nuts.

    Flickr: denn / Creative Commons

    14. Chinese New Year is the only holiday that actively encourages you to light explosives.

    15. You also get to celebrate the start of a whole new zodiac year.

    16. If you want some entertainment, why not go to the Chinese New Year parade?

    17. Kidding! Stay at home and eat all the food.

    Studio Ghibli / Via

    "Throwing leftovers out" is not a concept that Chinese people are familiar with.

    18. Because this is the one time of year your relatives won’t judge you for overeating.

    Ahn Byeong-ki / Via

    The family that eats together, stays together.

    19. Bonus: Chinese New Year technically lasts for 15 whole days!

    20. But the best thing about Chinese New Year? Probably getting a chance to visit your friends and family.

    Wong Fu Productions / Via

    Christmas isn't the only holiday for family time.

    21. Even that one cousin who can't stop taking selfies.


    There's one in every Asian family.

    So don't forget to shout "lo hei" while you toss up for good fortune.

    And kung hei fat choy, everyone!

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