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25 Traditional Chinese Dishes Everyone Should Learn To Make

No more takeaways for you.

1. Lip-smacking cumin spiced lamb skewers

2. Deliciously braised e-fu noodles

3. A yummy breakfast bowl of congee

4. Veggie favourite Buddha's Delight (luo han zai)

5. Crispy and crunchy sweet and sour pork

6. Tongue-scorching mapo tofu

7. A refreshing bowl of mango pudding

8. Tasty kung pao chicken

9. A comforting bowl of steamed egg custard

10. A plate of golden spring rolls

11. Hearty beef stir-fry with broccoli

12. Bite-sized pork belly buns (gua bao)

13. Mouth-watering egg fried rice

14. Homecooked mui choy with pork belly

15. A soothing bowl of wonton soup

16. A tray of buttery egg tarts

17. A simple bowl of zha jiang mian

18. Crispy spring onion pancakes

19. Claypot rice with lap cheong (preserved sausage)

20. A platter of dumplings (jiaozi)

21. Perfectly poached drunken chicken

22. A steaming bowl of hot and sour soup

23. Delicately steamed sea bass

24. Sticky-sweet char sui pork

25. Aromatic marbled tea eggs