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Top Moments From Season One Of "Orange Is The New Black"!

Sure, you binge-watched all 13 episodes of the first season in one sitting, but that doesn't mean you aren't ready to relive a few of the best Orange Is the New Black moments! Let's take a look back, shall we?

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1. Taystee's prison story.


Although viewers have yet to see a flashback of the real reason she was sent to prison, the wild barbecue sauce tale Taystee shared tops the list as one of the funniest moments on the show so far.

2. Sophia's Prison Couture.


As if Sophia wasn't fabulous enough, the reveal of her handmade duct tape flip-flops was EVERYTHING! Her prison couture even had us wanting in on the trend. Sophia's sweet and sassy attitude makes every scene she's in a favorite!

3. Piper and Alex reunite.


Sure, at first even viewers had a bad vibe about Alex when Piper found out they were both doing time in Litchfield, but as the exes started to reconnect, it was impossible to not become obsessed with their sexy dysfunctional relationship. The washing machine scene is an instant OITNB classic!

4. Piper Stands Up to Healy.


Just when we thought Healy was the only C.O. in Lichfield with a conscious, he locked up Chapman in SHU for "Lesbian Activity"— as Pennsatucky would say, "Lesbianin' ". It's during the following scene that Piper serves Healy with one of the most memorable monologues of the season. We could never quote it in its entirety here, but suffice to say that it's one badass speech worth watching the entire season for.

6. We Heart "Baya"


Nothing like adding a little sweet to the salty goings-on in the prison yard! Officer Bennett and Daya are two star-crossed lovers in Litchfield we can't get enough of. It's so wrong, but it feels so good!

8. Yoga Jones vs. Watson.


Cue jaw-drop! It was the slap heard round the prison yard when Jones smacked Watson after questioning if Jones killed a child to land her in the clink. Bet you never saw that one coming from the peaceful yogi!

9. Crazy Eyes Love For Piper.


With her kooky eyes and off-the-wall mannerisms, Crazy Eyes is one of the most dynamic characters on OITNB. From her "Chocolate Vanilla Swirl!" catchphrase to that oh-so memorable pie-throwing scene, her love for Piper, her beloved"Dandelion," does not go unnoticed. When she finally professes her love in the court yard, comparing her love to the sun being "a yellow grape." Piper's blown-away expression is so priceless it had to make this list!

10. Episode Thirteen.

The season one finale is chockfull of great moments, but Piper and Pennsatucky's face-off in the prison yard with a crucifix is one of the best plot setups for a second season we've ever seen.