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    Top 6 Most Fantastical Lands In Film

    Sure the real world can be pretty cool sometimes, but haven't you ever watched a movie and just wished you could live in the same magical world as the characters? Here are our favorite fantasy lands.


    Take away the Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys and there is something pretty quaint about Oz with its vibrant colors and cheerful munchkins. When Dorothy lands in Kansas, can we take the hot air balloon back?


    A beautiful island where we never have to grow up and don't have any responsibilities? Get us some Pixie dust, 'cause we want to go!

    The Wizarding World

    We just want to try chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice, and play wizard chess all day long. Is that too much to ask?


    Arendelle might not seem fun to live in while it's frozen over, but when the sun finally shines it looks like a beautiful kingdom with its snowcapped mountains and crystal clear water. Plus, there is a funny magical snowman living there that you can befriend.

    The Kingdom of Far Far Away

    Living in Hollywood looks cool. Living in a fairy tale looks awesome. Put the two together and you get Far Far Away. We don't think it gets much better than that!

    Isle of Berk

    Anyone who wants to be a dragon flyer knows the Isle of Berk is the place to go. Perhaps one day we'll be able to get into the Dragon Training Academy. For now, we'll just keep on dreaming that we're BFFs with Hiccup and Astrid.

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