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Top 5 Reasons Why We'd Let Leah Turner "Take The Keys"

This country cutie is on the rise! Check out why we think she's worthy of being in the driver's seat.

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She's Been A Singer Since Age Six

Inspired by the songs she heard at church, Leah started making up her own. "That was the start of it, I just kept writing songs, making them up, singing and performing them," she says.

She's One Tough Cookie

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When it comes to games of the heart, you do not want to mess with this girl!

She Loves To Rock

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We'd love to sing out loud to the Rolling Stones with this chick!

She Respects Her Roots

After a five-year stint in Los Angeles, Leah knew she needed to get back home. "I just kept feeling like even with the amazing producers in L.A. and the amazing opportunities I had been given, country music is what I was, and where I wanted to be. I stopped trying to pull out my roots, and started to water them."