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5 Reasons Why We're Bonkers For Weston Burt

As one of country music's rising stars, this handsome fella is one to watch out for! His song, "Smile That Smile" has us grinning from ear to ear, and here are just a few reasons why Burt is making our hearts skip a beat.

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He’s an Alabama Boy

He shares his hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama, with country supergroup Alabama and he considers the group among his major musical influences. The very first song he learned to play on guitar was Alabama’s “Dixie and Delight.”

He’s "Lucky Sometimes"

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His debut single, "Lucky Sometimes,” charted for 10 weeks on the Billboard Country chart in 2013. This fun and upbeat hit was very well-received and got the attention of the country music world.

He's Got a Great Smile

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"Smile That Smile" is a classic country love song about the power of a smile, and you have to admit, this guy's got a great set of pearly whites!