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5 Reasons We're Smitten For Corey Smith!

This Georgia native is a genuine and hard-working country man. Here are just a few reasons why we adore Corey Smith.

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He's a super-fan!

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Regardless of his own growing fame, Cory's a super-fan, just like us! David Allen Coe and Matchbox 20 are just two of his all-time favorites. He chats about all of his musical inspirations in this video!

He is a great hubby.


Corey's new song, "Ain't Going Out Tonight," says it all! This breezy jam is not just an ode to staying home with the one you love, but it's also about settling down and making sacrifices. Not to mention, his wife Shannon was his high school sweetheart. Aww! true love does exist.

... And Dad!

Via Facebook: coreysmithmusic

How adorable is this photo?! Right after performing onstage, Chris is always back at his most important job: being a father to two super-cute little boys. Looks like all the partying with pops has got these two totally tuckered out!

He is an honest man.


There's nothing we love more than an honest man! Corey has sculpted a successful career by painting truthful song portraits about his experiences far from big-city sidewalks. His music takes us on his personal journey growing up in a little old town on the outskirts of Jefferson, Georgia.

He rocks webisodes!

View this video on YouTube

Corey's webisodes on YouTube allow us to get to know him a little more every week! We just can't get enough of his acoustic covers and love how he puts a twangy twist on Matchbox 20!