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    21 Cutest Baby Animal Hugs

    To help thaw your frozen heart this winter...

    1. Baby bunnies

    2. Baby lion cubs

    3. Puppy and kitten

    4. Baby penguins

    5. Puppies!

    6. Baby elephants

    7. Baby meerkats

    8. More puppies!

    9. Baby koala bear and mother

    10. Kittens!

    11. Baby joeys

    12. Baby monkey and his pigeon friend

    13. More kittens!

    14. Baby panda bears

    15. Another baby joey!

    16. Baby monkeys

    17. Baby bear and his canine companion

    18. Baby lion cub and mother

    19. Baby orangutans

    20. Baby cheetah and mother

    21. More baby monkeys!

    Wishing you an extra cute and cuddly day!