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    10 Irresistibly Cute Photos Of Miranda Lambert & Her Pets

    With dozens of pets on her Oklahoma farm and her beloved Muttnation Foundation, it's no secret that Miranda Lambert loves animals, and we're upping the "aww" factor with these adorable snapshots of Ran with her furry fans.

    The guy in Miranda's song "Little Red Wagon" might not be allowed to ride in her car, but her dogs sure can.

    Miranda should change the name of her song "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to "Crazy Dog-Lady."

    Hopefully Blake doesn't get jealous of Miranda's affection for her dogs.

    Miranda isn't the only one in this picture who has gorgeous golden locks!

    Twitter: @mirandalambert

    Peace. Love. Puppies.

    Twitter: @mirandalambert

    Newly adopted Ace's future is looking so bright, Miranda needs sunglasses!

    Who wore it best? Miranda's dog in a blue bandana or Miranda in her blue dress?

    Llama lovin'.

    Can't get enough of Miranda with her pets?

    Pick up your copy of Miranda Lambert’s Platinum ZinePak, onsale today at Walmart and, to learn more about Miranda and Muttnation Foundation.