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    31 Signs You Attend A Christian College

    Hey, look! It's our girl/guy ratio!

    1. You attend chapel every week.

    And you know everyone in the band.

    2. Your dorm has a theme Bible verse.

    “Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart.” I Peter 3:4 ESV

    “Letting my inner beauty shine! Sweatpants!”

    3. "I'll pray about it."

    Every time.

    4. Relationship Week

    Where your desire for purity is thrust into the tornado of the world of Christian relationship advice.

    5. Democrats on campus are outspoken.

    All three of them.

    6. Christian pick-up lines.

    Let's discuss the meanings of our Greek and Hebrew tattoos.

    7. SO MANY white girls on campus.

    Even the black students were adopted and raised by white parents.

    8. There is a church within a 0.4-mile radius of campus.

    But it's Mormom, scientologist, or Unitarian Universalist.

    9. Worship ministry majors.

    Hipsters, all of them.

    10. Calvinists vs. Arminians

    I chose you. I chose to choose you. A debate that lasts until the rapture, baby. BTW, are you pre-mil?

    11. Forever alone? Please. Celibacy.

    Paul and Jesus, people.

    12. Harry Potter vs. Not Harry Potter

    Yet everyone loves The Lord of the Rings.

    13. You know all the words to "The Fox."

    It feels weird because you don’t have to hum/replace any inapropro words.

    14. You say "inapropro."

    Short for "inappropriate."

    15. The Princess Bride.

    Anybody want a peanut?

    16. Settlers of Catan.


    17. Paintings of Jesus.

    Hanging next to a portrait of Ronald Reagan.

    18. Ministry hours.

    What we think we do.

    19. #ringbyspring

    Those who do and those who don't.

    20. Everyone loves him.

    Except for certain hipsters who probably eschew Tim Keller and Martin Luther.

    21. You have the worst mascot ever.

    Trojans? Please, our Christian reputation.

    22. Your nerd interests are understood.

    Oh my Gallifrey.

    23. Your college president eats in the cafeteria.

    Grilled cheese is #presidentapproved.

    24. Futile hashtag efforts on the school's Facebook page.

    #CCUsocialstudent #allisvanity

    25. Everyone watches Downton Abbey.

    At least all the girls and professors. #freebates

    26. Small amounts of classic literature in the library.

    Yet the theology section is huge, and inhabited by pale-faced future pastors who emerge for classes and chapel alone.

    27. PhD students' carrels.

    Cozier than your dorm. Often containing a coffee pot and/or microwave.

    28. #judging mercenary business majors.

    Obviously not as dedicated to Jesus as those majoring in Biblical studies and Christian ministry.

    29. Three types of guys: nerds, flirts, nice ones who never voluntarily speak to girls.

    Take your pick.

    30. That one chapel speaker.

    You cannot un-hear what has been heard.

    31. School spirit?

    Pssh, Holy Spirit.

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