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Marry Hef, Get A House

No more Playboy Mansion! Hugh Hefner bought his new wife, 27-year-old Crystal Harris, a new modern house.

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Hugh Hefner buys new wife Crystal Harris some new digs

The Playboy Mansion probably isn't the ideal place for newlyweds-- a modern, single-family home makes a little more sense, even for the non-traditional newlyweds Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris.

Hefner recently dropped $4.995 million on a Hollywood Hills mansion for his new wife, 27-year-old Playmate Harris. The two were married in January, after an on-and-off-again relationship that spanned a few years. Harris is clearly in it for the long haul; her name is also on the deed.

Hefner has purchased other properties before, previously buying a home for his now ex-wife Kimberley Conrad, but doesn't usually move into them.

A creature of habit, Hef has lived in California's Playboy Mansion since the 1970s, even while married to Conrad and raising their two children. He doesn't actually own the infamous Tudor, but pays rent for the 29-room house. The company pays for the upkeep of the 14,217-square-foot home and the salaries of an 80-person staff.

But who knows, the uber-modern mansion in Hollywood Hills may the exact change of pace that the 87-year-old is craving.

Measuring 5,917 square feet, the house was built 2011 with several modern amenities, as well as a view of the city lights. A gated entrance leads into a contemporary kitchen and up a floating wood staircase into a luxurious master bedroom and bath. Outside, a white-glass infinity pool and deck provide secluded relaxation while sliding doors out front provide open-air living space.