Live In This Missile Silo

Paranoid about home disasters, break-ins or zombie attacks? This former nuclear missile silo is designed to withstand anything and it’s currently for sale.

1. It’s in the middle of nowhere.

The missile silo is located in Lewis, New York in the Adirondacks.

2. The entrance is a steel door.

Climb on in!

3. There’s lots of space

The living area is 40 feet down, contained within the command center. The silo that once held a nuclear missile stretches 185 feet down into the ground.

4. Need to escape? There’s a hatch for that.

For times when you just need to get away.

5. Head to mission control!

It doesn’t launch a missile, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

6. The bedroom

No need to worry about daylight disturbing your slumber.

7. Living space

The flowers add a homey touch, don’t you think.

8. What time is it?

If you’re launching missiles, you need to know the different time zones.

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