12 Closets Better Than Your Clothes

You may wear the latest styles, but but if you’re still picking your outfit from a heap on the floor, you may want to rethink your dream of a fashion shoot.

1. 1. Chanel chic

Coco Chanel said that girls should be both fabulous and classy… and we’re sure she was referencing this closet as well.

2. 2. Stepping up

A two-story closet filled with two stories of shoes.

3. 3. Everything goes with white

White is chic before and after Labor Day in this closet.

4. 4. Christina Aguilera’s closet

Well, what else would you expect?

5. 5. How they do it in Houston

Every thing, including closets, are bigger in Texas.

6. 6. Backlit

Your grandma’s cabinet holds knick-knacks, yours holds an epic shoe collection.

7. 7. Closet party

A closet with dual purposes: get ready in the morning here and host the afterparty here in the evening.

8. 8. Accessorize it

A touch of leopard is always fabulous.

9. 9. Fashion is art

Forget art— decorate your space with your collection of shoes and handbags.

10. 10. Grand entrance

Practice a show-stopping entrance in the privacy of your closet.

11. 11. LA closet

Just don’t scratch the marble while you’re getting ready in the morning.

12. 12. Suit storage

Rich mahogany means a manly closet.

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